Is meteorite a good metal for rings?

Rust agrees, saying, “Meteorite is made up of metal elements, primarily metallic iron-nickel, making it very hard and durable on its own. When inlaid into a ring crafted in tungsten, titanium, or another hard metal, it makes for a ring that can withstand the tests of time.”

How much are meteorite rings worth?

Even though a meteorite inlay ring has a higher market value than gold the average price of a beautiful meteorite ring is about $500-600 although some are as high as $2,000 and more.

Are Meteor rings real?

Meteorites are pieces of debris from outer space that sometimes fall into earth and manage to survive the journey. What makes meteorite rings so special is their natural patterns, which are the result of nickel-iron crystals growing as the heated meteorite very slowly cools over millions of years.

Are meteorite rings high maintenance?

Oxidation | Because meteorite contains a high amount of iron, it is prone to rusting without proper care. Maintenance | Due to the rust factor, meteorite material isn’t something to wear unmindfully. You must avoid it getting and staying too wet and take care of it if rust begins to show.

Can you wash your hands with meteorite ring?

Meteorite Jewelry Care Tips Rings should be removed prior to contact with chemicals and cleaning solutions. They can be worn while washing your hands, however. Like all metals, the patterning will burnish and become less visible in rings as the metal comes into contact with surfaces in daily wear.

Will meteorite rings rust?

As meteorite is mostly iron it does have potential to rust. This is why it should be kept away from harsh chemicals. If your ring does ever rust, it can easily be removed and is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Can you shower with a meteorite ring?

Go ahead and wash your hands, shower in it, do what you normally would do with a ring. But like precious metal jewelry, don’t expose it to chlorine in your pool or hot tub. And keep it away from salt water or other harsh chemicals or prolonged moisture.

Can meteorite rings get wet?

We often have clients ask about coating meteorite jewelry with some type of clear, protective layer. We do not recommend coatings because they wear off eventually, but not evenly and not all at once. Because of that, it’s possible for moisture to enter in a spot where the coating has worn off, but then become trapped.

Is it safe to wear meteorite jewelry?

Meteorite jewelry may not be for everyone. If you know that you have metal sensitivities, especially to iron or nickel, meteorite jewelry is probably not the best choice for you.

How can you tell if meteorite jewelry is real?

Authentic Meteorite is Magnetic Another way to quickly identify if you have a real piece of meteorite is by checking with a magnet. Since about 99% of meteorite is magnetic, real meteorite will be attracted to the magnet. If your jewelry is not magnetic, it is not likely to be real meteorite.

How do I keep my meteorite ring from rusting?

Leave a slight residue of the WD-40/Jewelry polishing cloth and let it absorb into the ring over night. After letting it sit over night, scrub the meteorite with a thin layer of ring wax to help coat the ring. The ring wax is meant to help repel and prevent rust.