Is MusclePharm out of business?

The company had at one time more than 400 SKUs, according to Drexler. “​The company was able to achieve tremendous top line sales growth, [but] it became increasingly unprofitable. Had this trend continued, MusclePharm would have gone out of business.

Where is MusclePharm made?

MusclePharm subleased its Burbank, CA office and legally relocated to Calabasas, CA.

How can you tell if Musclepharms are real?

MusclePharm products come with genuine labels listing the ingredients and nutrients that are present in the supplements. Quality at its finest: MusclePharm products are Informed-Choice certified, and every single batch is tested for prohibited substances and protein label claim verification.

How much did MusclePharm sell for?

Schwarzenegger signed with MusclePharm that July, in exchange for $8.5 million in stock, plus royalties.

Is MusclePharm FDA approved?

MusclePharm made an intentional decision to stay away from DMMA when it formulated the pre-workout product, Assault, for the same reasons the FDA has now banned the ingredient.

Who is the importer of MusclePharm in India?


How do you take MusclePharm Creatine?

Usage For Creatine: MusclePharm® Creatine has no taste or odor and can easily be mixed into water or your favorite beverage. For best results, consume one serving (one scoop) before or after training.

What does NSF Certified mean?

NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is a non-profit organization founded in 1944, whose goal was to create standards for food safety and sanitation to promote public health. When you purchase NSF certified foodservice products, it means: The manufacturer of foodservice products uses only FDA approved raw materials.

What does NSF stand for?

National Sanitation FoundationNSF International / Full name