Is Nambarrie tea good?

PART OF NORTHERN IRELAND’S HISTORY SINCE 1860 What makes it so “nice and strong”? Nambarrie is a lovely blend of bold Kenyan and Assam teas. Both regions of East Africa and India are famous for producing strong and rich black teas that pack a punch – and the combination of the two is truly unbeatable.

Who makes Nambarrie tea bags?


Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Andover, Hampshire
Key people Pratt and Montgomery
Products Teas
Owner Twinings

Where are Nambarrie tea bags made?

Antrim and Glasgow. Nambarrie Tea Company Limited now manufactures and distributes a range of top quality teas through Northern Ireland and Scotland. The company’s flagship brand, Nambarrie, is one of Northern Ireland’s favorite teas and the third biggest brand in Scotland.

What are Nambarrie tea bags made of?

Nambarrie 100 Tea Bags A unique blend of fine Indian & African leaves for a bold, hearty, and rich tea.

Is Nambarrie black tea?

100% black tea. Store in a cool, dry place. Card – Widely Recycled: Box.

What is Punjana tea?

Punjana is a brand of tea produced by the Belfast-based tea company Thompson’s Tea. Thompson’s Tea was founded in 1896 when Robert S. Thompson was made partner of McArthur and Willis. Thompson’s Punjana has since become the best-selling tea in Northern Ireland and one of the most popular brands in Scotland.

What type of tea is Nambarrie?

Nambarrie is a blend of tea leaves from African and India. These tea leaves are blended together to produce a strong and rich tea with a lot of flavor. Nambarrie Tea is a Northern Ireland favorite. Nambarrie Tea is a totally natural and refreshing way to restore the spirits.

Is Punjana tea good?

In this year alone, the family-owned business amassed a record-breaking total of 23 star awards in the Great Taste Awards 2016, with Punjana, Northern Ireland’s best-selling tea, and Thompson’s Irish Breakfast tea-bags achieving top honours with the maximum three stars.

Has Punjana tea changed its name?

Good tea but it is not Punjana tea rebranded. This is NOT Punjana rebranded as stated by another reviewer. To avoid any confusion, I think they should have chosen a different coloured bag. I haven’t tried this one as I get my “Punjana” from Ocado. I’ve still given it 5 stars as Thompson’s tea is the best.

Who owns Namosa tea?

Nambarrie is the brand name of a tea company formerly based in Belfast, now owned by R Twining and Company. Twining’s, tea and coffee merchants, are by appointment to HM The Queen. Nambarrie Tea Company Ltd now operates delivery depots at Mallusk, County Antrim, and Glasgow.