Is San Matias Tequila Mexican owned?

3. Tequila San Matias. This Mexican-owned tequila is as traditional as it comes: it has been operating since 1886 when it was founded by Don Delfino González.

Is san Matias tequila 100 agave?

San Matias Gran Reserva Anejo Tequila 100 percent Agave | 750 ml Bottle.

Who owns San Matias Tequila?

Carmen Villarreal
Carmen Villarreal is the CEO of Tequila San Matias. This small batch blanco is produced by one of the most environmentally friendly operations in Mexico.

Where is San Matias Tequila made?

Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico
Casa San Matías, in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico, is one of Mexico’s oldest tequila distilleries, and its products are some of Mexico’s best-selling tequilas.

Where is Casa San Matias distillery?

Jalisco, Mexico
For over 130 years, Casa San Matías, a distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, has been perfecting the art and craft of tequila.

Who owns Corazón tequila?

The Corazón brand is owned by Sazerac, whose portfolio also spans brands including Southern Comfort, Buffalo Trace, Fireball and Paddy Whiskey. Corazón is produced for Sazerac by the award-winning Casa San Matias Distillery, one of the few family-owned agave estates & distilleries in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico.

Is Corralejo a tequila?

Tequila Corralejo | El Tequila grande de México. 100% agave tequila, obtained from the double distillation of fermented musts from weber’s blue agave. Corralejo Tequila has a mild flavour with a strong character. It has a wide range of tones derived from the American oak wood in which it is rested.

What tequila do Hispanics drink?

Jose Cuervo Tradicional This iconic beverage is just as popular in Mexico as it is in the United States, symbolizing a party in a bottle. Made from 100% agave, it is mainly used for shots and mixed drinks, and served icy cold.