Is the 7mm-08 a good deer rifle?

In sum, the 7mm-08 Remington is a deadly round for whitetails, but it’s also pleasant to shoot, carry and handle while in a cramped treestand due to the fact that it’s commonly available in some of the niftiest little rifles.

What is the length of pull on a Remington Model 7?

Even though the rifle is shorter by a few inches, the stock is still full-size in all areas. The length of pull is just an eighth of an inch shy of the common 131⁄2-inch standard and topped off with Remington’s new R3 recoil pad….Recommended.

FINISH: satin
PRICE: $902

What is the best ammo for a 7mm-08?

Federal Premium Nosler AccuBond.

  • Barnes VOR-TX.
  • Federal Premium Trophy Copper.
  • Hornady Custom Lite.
  • Hornady Precision Hunter.
  • Remington Core Lokt.
  • Winchester Deer Season XP.
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  • What is the best weight bullet for the 7mm08?

    This load will do a number on deer. The 140 gr BT is an excellent bullet for the 7mm-08. If you want to try a different weight, consider the 120 gr BT. The 120 gr uses the 140 gr BT jacket but is cut back to meet the 120 gr profile, This makes for a thicker jacket on the 120 gr BT. It is a very accurate and robust bullet.

    What is the value of a Remington Model 7?

    It had a suggested price of $449.95, and at just a shade more than 6 pounds and less than a meter in length, riflemen immediately adored it. I always thought the LS version with the laminated stock and fixed sights was the best of the bunch.

    What is 7mm 08 used for?

    The 7mm08 is also enjoyed by a newer type of western hunter, generally speaking, by those who have great work commitments and little time to hand load or practice hunting and shooting with higher recoiling rifles.