Is the chemistry in Breaking Bad accurate?

Here at Slate, it’s been called “TV’s Best Medical Drama Ever” for its realism, and The New Yorker has called its depiction of the meth trade “uncannily accurate.” The show’s scientific advisor, chemistry professor Donna Nelson, frequently gives interviews about the science behind the show, bolstering its reputation …

Is mercury fulminate real?

Mercury fulminate (or fulminate of mercury, as Walt rightly calls it) Hg(ONC)2 is a very unstable and explosive compound. Although first prepared back in 1800, because of its instability the crystal structure was only fully determined as recently as 2007.

Was Walter White a chemistry genius?

(1) Walter was a chemistry genius not because he followed the recipe for meth, but because he made the recipe. Only the genius can do that.

Does Walts battery work?

The metal filling and foil were acting as the two different metals, and we were being electrocuted by our very own mouth battery. Walt’s explanation is fairly accurate but unfortunately such a simple battery would only provide a tiny amount of the power required to turn over an engine.

Can you make mercury fulminate?

Preparation. Mercury(II) fulminate is prepared by dissolving mercury in nitric acid and adding ethanol to the solution. It was first prepared by Edward Charles Howard in 1800. The crystal structure of this compound was determined only in 2007.

What does Walt throw at Tuco?

Tuco starts to get nasty but Walt has a plan. The bag of meth crystals he has just given Tuco were in fact “fulminate of mercury”. He throws a crystal on the ground which detonates, creating an almighty explosion. We see Walt walking victoriously from the smoking remains, clutching his bag of money.

Is Bryan Cranston good at chemistry?

The letter F. Bryan Cranston may play a one-time chemistry teacher turned meth cook, but turns out he really knows his science. TMZ dug up a few photos of the “Breaking Bad” actor from high school showing him in a chemistry club.