Is the Garmin inReach Explorer discontinued?

SE and Explorer. The first-generation InReach SE and Explorer were manufactured by DeLorme, which Garmin purchased in 2016. The devices have been discontinued but can currently be purchased new for $260 and $305, respectively.

Does inReach SOS work without subscription?

The inReach Explorer+/SE+ can be used without a subscription. When you power on your inReach, you will encounter a message that states: “Welcome Communication features require activation”. From this screen, simply select Skip and the inReach will be ready to use.

Does DeLorme inReach still work?

The DeLorme InReach SE has been discontinued. The InReach SE offers a solid value because it delivers most of the features of the new Garmin InReach Explorer+ for less.

Do they still make garmins?

Garmin has really come on in the last 12 months with a range of new gps units, however whilst we do love some of the new models below, we still think that the 2015 Garmin 2797LMT that we reviewed here is as good and if not better than some of the new models that have been brought out over the last year.

Is Garmin making a new inReach?

New Garmin inReach Mini 2 delivers up to 30 days of global satellite communication, emergency services and enhanced location tracking.

What is the difference between Garmin inReach SE and explorer?

Garmin sells two flavors of the InReach, and here’s the difference. The SE has all the core functions including SOS and two-way texting. The Explorer, which costs about $50 more, adds topo maps, a built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter, and accelerometer.

Can you text inReach to inReach?

Using inReach to inReach Messaging If you have an inReach device you can send a message from your inReach to another inReach by using the inReach address for the recipient. An example inReach address is [email protected]

When did Garmin buy DeLorme?

February 11, 2016
On February 11, 2016, the company announced that it had been purchased by Garmin, a multinational producer of GPS products and services….DeLorme.

Industry software technology
Products inReach
Services personal satellite tracking messaging navigation technology
Parent Garmin (2016–present)

What’s the difference between Garmin drive and Garmin DriveSmart?

The Garmin DriveSmart goes a step further than the Drive. In addition to improving your environmental awareness, you will not miss messages and phone calls while you are driving. The device has bluetooth to connect your smartphone. Notifications are displayed on the screen and you call hands-free.