Is there season 2 for Blood Lad?

After the 10th episode, “Blood Lad: I am not a Cat” was released in December 2013. However, that could not keep the fans happy & they have been waiting for Season 2 since then….More Source Material Information for Blood Lad Season 2.

Volume Release Date
15 December 29, 2015
16 July 4, 2016
17 December 31, 2016

How many episode does Blood Lad have?

ten episodes
The series ran for ten episodes, ending on September 8, 2013 and was followed by an original video animation on December 1, 2013.

How many Blood Lad OVA episodes are there?

However, it has already been confirmed that Blood Lad will recieve an OVA, making the episode count technically 11 episodes.

Does fuyumi fall in love with Staz?

When he meets Yanagi Fuyumi after she is brought to his room, he falls in love with the bloodlust at first sight and changes his life goal to befriend her.

Does Blood Lad have a happy ending?

Bittersweet Ending: The manga ends with Papladon and Herrshaft Grimm being defeated and with Braz’s help, Fuyumi is finally revived and is able to return to the human world, but without any memories of her time with Staz or any of her adventure with her new friends on the Demon World.

How many chapters does Blood Lad have?

Blood Lad

ブラッドラッド (Buraddo Raddo)
Magazine Young Ace
Demographic Seinen
Original run September 4, 2009 – September 3, 2016
Volumes 17

Does STAZ bring fuyumi back to life?

After Staz leaves to fight a challenger, she is eaten by a carnivorous plant and turns into a ghost as a result. When Staz learns of this, he vows to protect her and bring her back to life.

How does Bloodlad end?

Staz continues to save her life and bring her back to life by struggling and fighting the demon in the demon world as she keeps fading away. In the end, finally, both of them end up fighting an evil creature who is known as Akim.

Does STAZ bring Fuyumi back to life?