Is Valley Bank the same as Valley National Bank?

Its principal subsidiary, Valley National Bank (also doing business as Valley Bank), currently operates over 230 branch locations in northern and central New Jersey, the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, as well as Long Island, Florida, and Alabama.

Can I pay my Valley National Bank car loan online?

Online Loan Payments Make a same-day or recurring payment online to your Valley personal, mortgage, auto, home equity or revolving line of credit.

Does Valley National Bank have coin counting machines?

With Valley’s Coin Counting Machines, you can turn all your loose change into cash within minutes. It’s up to you whether you save it, donate it to charity, or spend it.

Does Valley Bank have Zelle?

Valley customers, for instance, can use Zelle through their mobile banking app, providing a safe and easy payment option.

Who owns Valley National?

Valley NationalValley Bank / Parent organization

What was Valley Bank before?

Valley National Bank of Arizona was a bank based in Phoenix, Arizona, founded in 1900 and acquired by Bank One in 1992. The bank was one of Arizona’s leading financial institutions during the 20th century and the last major independent bank in Arizona at the time of its acquisition.

How do I make a payment to Valley National Bank?

How to pay your loans

  1. Make your payment online. A safe, easy way to make your payment is to go to
  2. Set up transfer payments from your Valley Checking or Statement Savings.
  3. Set up an auto debit from your checking account.
  4. Make a payment at your local branch.

Where can I change my coins for free?

Some banks will take customer coins and turn them into cash without charging.

  • Bank of America. Bank of America does not charge a fee for customers to cash in their own coins.
  • Wells Fargo.
  • US Bank.
  • Walmart.
  • ShopRite.
  • CVS.
  • Target.

What bank counts coins for free?

What Banks Have Free Coin Counting Machines?

  • American Eagle Credit Union: Free for customers, 10% for noncustomers.
  • Apple River State Bank: Free for customers.
  • First County Bank: Free for customers.
  • Glenview State Bank: Free for customers.
  • Hancock County Savings Bank: Free for customers.

Who did Valley Bank merge with?

The Westchester Bank Holding Corporation
NEW YORK, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Valley National Bancorp (NASDAQ:VLY) (“Valley”) announced that its merger with The Westchester Bank Holding Corporation (“Westchester”) was completed effective December 1, 2021. Valley will issue approximately 15.7 million shares of common stock in the transaction.