Is Yoko Taro real?

Yoko Taro (横尾 太郎, Yokoo Tarō, born June 6, 1970) is a Japanese video game director and scenario writer. Starting his career at the now-defunct game company Cavia, his best-known work was on the action role-playing video game series Drakengard, and its spin-offs, Nier and Nier: Automata.

Does Yoko Taro work for Square Enix?

The development staff features a litany of Drakengard and Nier vets. Square Enix announced today that they will be publishing Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, a new card-based RPG featuring many of the same development staff that brought us Drakengard and Nier, including creative director Yoko Taro.

Is Yoko Taro married?

Yukiko YokoYoko Taro / Spouse

Did Yoko Taro make Nier Replicant?

Hello there everyone, YOKO TARO, Creative Director of NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139… here. This game is a “version upgrade” of a title released 10 years ago under the name of “NIER”.

Why does Yoko wear Emil mask?

Yoko told Kotaku in an exclusive interview that he prefers to wear his Emil mask in public because it keeps the Nier games exciting to a certain audience of players. “Some people might lose that kind of expectation or excitement toward a game if they find out who’s actually behind it,” Yoko said.

Why do 9s and 2b wear blindfold?

Additionally, director Yoko Taro explained in an interview that YoRHa combat units wear blindfolds to symbolically show that they are blind to the truth, while YoRHa operators wear veils to symbolize their inability to speak the truth.

Is Yoko Taro Emil?

Is Nier Replicant as good as automata?

Both games are great for fans of shoot ’em up as well as hack and slash games, with Nier Automata being the better one in many ways, considering that the well-known Platinum Games worked on the combat. However, Nier Replicant is a lot more experimental in its gameplay overall.

Is Yoko Taro a pseudonym?

And there’s the slightly less obvious — he goes by a pen name to differentiate himself from his persona. In English, that means Yoko Taro (officially, “YOKO TARO”) despite Taro Yoko being his real name, and in Japanese he uses a similar twist to separate the real from the persona.

Is Nier the saddest game ever?

Nier Replicant is one of the saddest games ever made. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after most of the human race has gone extinct due to the White Chlorination Syndrome disease.

Why doesn’t Yoko Taro show his face?

Yoko went on to explain that he does not consider himself handsome, and therefore does not want to show his face to everyone. Yoko credited his bleak outlook on himself as part of his general “rottenness,” and elaborated that despite his success, “I still see myself as someone that hasn’t succeeded in life.

How do you get revealing outfit Nier?

Location. This item can only be obtained after purchasing and downloading the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC. After accepting the quest Mysterious Letter, locate the arena in the Flooded City and complete Rank S in the Gambler’s Colosseum.