Was Jennifer Lopez a good Selena?

Jennifer Lopez’s portrayal of Selena is an extremely well-done acting job. She not only looks like the late singer but is able to capture her essence. However, this does not mean it is not without its faults. In the film, Lopez lip-syncs to Selena’s real vocals during performance scenes, so there is no faltering there.

Which version of Selena is more accurate?

General Characterization: Jennifer Lopez Lopez delivers the more accurate characterization of Selena. For one, it’s important to consider her own entertainment career in 1997, as she had only appeared in a handful of films and was mostly unknown in pop culture.

Who portrayed Selena the best?

10 Movie: Jennifer Lopez’s Portrayal Selena was the breakout movie role for Jennifer Lopez. On-screen, she embodied Selena’s joyous and uplifting personality flawlessly. Fans of the Tejano singer felt that Lopez also hit the mark in representing Selena physically, from her hair to her bold red lip.

How did Jennifer Lopez feel about playing Selena?

“Playing Selena was kind of a landmark moment in my career. And I was so excited when I saw the trailer and heard about it.” Lopez, 51, said she believes the two-part series will be a “great way for this generation to get to know Selena.” “I love Selena, she was such a big part of my life and my career,” she continued.

How old was JLO when she made Selena?

Lopez played Quintanilla in the aforementioned 1997 biopic, back when she was only 28-years-old. “What a very special day,” Lopez wrote on Instagram. “Today we celebrate and honor Selena’s legacy and music.”

Did Beyonce meet Selena when she was younger?

As noted by Billboard, Bey herself confirmed she did indeed meet Selena when she was young during an interview with MTV Tr3s, tied to the release of her Spanish-language EP Irreemplazable in 2007.

How much did Jennifer Lopez sing in Selena?

You can do this, and you can also do that,” she told Billboard in 2005 for the 20th anniversary of Selena’s death. “Life is short, and you don’t know what’s going to happen. Go for your dreams and don’t let anyone hold you back.” But what’s interesting is that Lopez doesn’t actually sing in the movie.

Why was JLO chosen for Selena?

She had studied the tapes of Selena dancing and she used her talent as an actress to use her dancing ability to dance exactly like Selena and imitate her movements. So she got the part!” Lopez’s faithful portrayal drew praise from critics and fans alike when the film debuted in theaters.

Did JLO lip sync in Selena?

But what’s interesting is that Lopez doesn’t actually sing in the movie. The voice you hear every time Selena performs on stage or records a new song is the late singer’s, with Lopez lip-syncing to her tracks.

How old was Jennifer in Selena?