Was Loveless recorded analog?

If you have the vinyl version of Loveless, you probably think it’s an analog recording. The technical truth is, it’s not. It’s a bit confusing, but for one, the nice segues on Loveless — those seamless song-to-song transitions — were done on a computer.

How long did Loveless take?

three years
The band’s 1991 album Loveless took three years, more than a dozen engineers, and as many studios to make. The band spent so much money on it that their label, Creation, dropped them after its release, despite it being hailed as an instant classic.

Was Loveless recorded on tape?

Although Loveless was recorded in a large number of studios, Alan was able to get a consistent result by lining up each tape machine at the start of the session.

Who mastered Loveless?

The band hired nineteen different studios and several engineers during the album’s prolonged recording, with its final production cost rumoured to have reached £250,000 (equivalent to £480,000 in 2021)….Loveless (album)

Length 48:31
Label Creation Sire Domino
Producer Kevin Shields Colm Ó Cíosóig
My Bloody Valentine chronology

Why Did My Bloody Valentine break up?

Following their relocation to London in 1985, members of My Bloody Valentine lost contact with each other while looking for accommodation and Tina Durkin, not confident in her abilities as a keyboard player, left the band.

Does Robert Smith like My Bloody Valentine?

The Cure’s Robert Smith had this to say about Loveless: “[My Bloody Valentine] was the first band I heard who quite clearly pissed all over us, and their album Loveless is certainly one of my all-time three favourite records.

Is Loveless a sad album?

Once you get really into Loveless, it’s all you want to listen to, nothing else can convey the emotions of this album. It’s such a unique experience, to lay late at night and just blast this masterpiece. To be washed over by this album’s incredibly gorgeous and noisy portrayal of sadness is a blessing.

How much did Loveless record cost?

It’s been reported that MBV leader Kevin Shields spent three years and a half-million dollars painstakingly piecing together Loveless in the studio, bankrupting the band’s label, Creation Records, in the process.

How does MBV get their sound?

MBV’s signature guitar sound relies on bending played notes down while strumming, and allowing reverb to turn this into a gauzy, deep vibrato. The more subtle de-tuning action of the Fender Jazzmaster allows for this effect to happen, where other tremolo systems result in a much more dramatic de-tuning.

Did Kevin Shields and Bilinda date?

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Shields and Bilinda Butcher were in a relationship. Most of Shields’ siblings have reached various degrees of fame.

Where is MBV from?

Dublin, IrelandMy Bloody Valentine / Origin