What are Spanish holidays in June?

Current Spanish holidays

Date English name Native name
June 9 Regional Day Día de La Rioja
June 13 St. Anthony’s Day San Antonio
June 24 John the Baptist San Juan

Why is Barcelona on holiday?

With history, culture and world-class cuisine, Barcelona’s charm truly knows no bounds. Gothic facades and ancient walls bask in the Mediterranean sun in Barcelona. That’s what you’ll be doing too on your hot Barcelona holiday – on beaches within easy distance of the city’s famous attractions.

What day is Sant Joan Barcelona?

Sant Joan on 24 June, day of St. John, is for many people part of the most important holidays in Barcelona. Two special events are celebrated: St. John’s birthday – the patron saint of Catalonia – and the summer solstice, which is the shortest night of the year and the calendric beginning of the summer.

What is Constitution Day in Barcelona?

December 6th
When is Spanish Constitution Day? This nation-wide public holiday is always celebrated on December 6th and marks the approval of the Spanish Constitution by the Spanish people in 1978.

What are the 14 public holidays in Spain?

Upcoming Holidays

  • Feast of St. Isidro (in lieu)
  • Galician Literature Day. May 17, is in 4 days.
  • Canary Islands Day. May 30, is in 17 days.
  • Castilla-La Mancha Day. May 31, is in 18 days.
  • Whit Monday. Jun 6, is in 24 days.
  • La Rioja Day. Jun 9, is in 27 days.
  • Feast of St. Isidro (in lieu)
  • Galician Literature Day.

How expensive is Barcelona?

3 Days in Barcelona Travel Costs

Expenses Estimated Daily Cost Estimated Total Cost
Food $20 – $40 $60 – $120
Drink $5 – $30 $15 – $90
Attractions $20 – $40 $60 – $120
Total (excluding airfare) $77.50 – $240 $232.50 – $720

What is La Merce Festival in Barcelona?

09/23/2022 – 09/26/2022. Barcelona is once again celebrating its grand festival, in honor of its patron saint. A program full of different activities is planned for all the public, with music, dance, circus and street arts. And not forgetting the giants, dragons, fire beasts, human towers and sardana groups.

Where is St John’s Eve celebrated?

Saint John’s Eve (Sankthansaften) is celebrated in the same manner in Denmark as the Walpurgis Night is in Sweden. At dusk large bonfires are lit all over the country, typically accompanied by communal singing of Midsommervisen by Holger Drachmann.

What happens on Constitution Day?

This day commemorates the September 17, 1787 signing of the United States Constitution. Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year is required to hold an educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its students.

What do people do on Constitution Day in Spain?

A cocktail party is held in the parliamentary buildings on December 6. Constitution Day is a quiet day off work for most people. They spend time at home relaxing with family members or close friends.