What are the Army ranks in order in Sri Lanka?


  • Admiral. of the. Fleet.
  • Admiral.
  • Vice. Admiral.
  • Rear. Admiral.
  • Commodore.
  • Captain.
  • Commander.
  • Lieutenant. Commander.

How many divisions are there in Sri Lanka Army?

The Specific Tasks of the 53 Infantry Division are as follows: To act as the Reserve Strike Force of the Sri Lanka of the Army. Assist to control situations which severely affect to the national security. To conduct offensive and defensive operations in semi conventional environment.

What is the best Army unit in Sri Lanka?

THE Commando Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army that bears the motto ‘There is nothing that cannot be achieved’ has proved it has the best among the best of war heroes in the country’, Regimental Commander and Eastern Province Military Commander Major General S.M. de A.

What are the units of Sri Lanka Army?

Regular Units

1. 1st Battalion Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps Panagoda
2. 3rd Battalion Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps Panagoda
3. 4th Battalion Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps Panagoda

What are different army ranks?

Commissioned officers

Ranks Description Retirement age
Lieutenant General National emblem over crossed baton and sabre. 60
Major General Five-pointed star over crossed baton and sabre. 58
Brigadier National emblem over three five-pointed stars in a triangular formation. 56
Colonel National emblem over two five-pointed stars 54

How many regiments are there in the Sri Lanka army?

Human Resource According to the Regiments. Sri Lanka Army consists with 24 Regiments and these 24 Regiments have been categorized as Teeth Arms, Combat Support and Logistic Support according to their role and tasks.

How many soldiers are in Sri Lanka army?

The Army of approximately 203,000 regular and reserve personnel including 73,000 National Guardsmen and is responsible for overseeing land-based military and humanitarian operations.

What is the best force in Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lankan Navy with approximately 48,000 personal is the key maritime division of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and is classed as the most vital defence force of Sri Lanka. It conducts maritime operations at sea for the defence of the Sri Lankan nation and its interests.

Is Sri Lanka Army good?

For 2022, Sri Lanka is ranked 79 of 142 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review. It holds a PwrIndx* score of 1.4729 (a score of 0.0000 is considered ‘perfect’). This entry last updated on 02/21/2022.

How many brigades are there in Sri Lanka army?

In 2010, the Army had approximately 200,000 regular personnel, between 20,000 and 40,000 reserve (volunteer) personnel and 18,000 National Guardsmen and comprises 13 divisions, one air-mobile brigade, one commando brigade, one special forces brigade, one independent armored brigade, three mechanized infantry brigades …