What are the characteristics of Turbellaria?

Major Attributes:

  • True bilateral symmetry.
  • Dorso-ventral flattening of the body.
  • Unsegmented.
  • Ciliated epidermis.
  • System of sheathed nerve fibers.
  • Parenchyma between the epidermis and the gastrodermis.
  • Some cephalization.
  • Blind ending gut.

What are the characteristics of the flatworm?

Flatworms are unsegmented worms with a tail and a head end. They are bilaterally symmetrical with a definite upper and lower surface. They have no body cavity or and no specialized respiratory or circulatory organs. This is the reason behind the flat shape, common to all flatworms.

What are the characteristics of class Monogenea?

Monogeneans lack respiratory, skeletal, and circulatory systems and have no or weakly developed oral suckers. Like other flatworms, Monogenea have no true body cavity (coelom). They have a simple digestive system consisting of a mouth opening with a muscular pharynx and an intestine with no terminal opening (anus).

What are the classification of Turbellaria?

TurbellariaTurbellaria / Scientific name

What are the examples of Turbellaria?

Turbellaria/Lower classifications

What are the characteristics of the three groups of flatworms?

Flatworms are soft, flattened worms that have tissues and internal organ systems, They are the simplest animals to have three embryonic germ layers, bilateral symmetry, and cephalization. List three groups of flatworms and give an example of each. Three groups of flatworms are turbellarians, flukes, and tapeworms.

What are the classes of flatworms?

The phylum consists of four classes: Trematoda (flukes), Cestoda (tapeworms), Turbellaria (planarians), and Monogenea.

What are Monogenea and Digenea?

The name “digenea” refers to the alternation of generations between sexually-reproducing adult and asexually reproducing larval stages. This contrasts with the Monogenea, which reproduce sexually only. Adults produce an egg. Subsequent development follows myriad routes, depending on the species involved.