What are the different steps in mass addition program?

To create mass additions for Oracle Assets:

  • Navigate to the Submit Request window.
  • Choose Mass Additions Create from the request Name list of values.
  • In the Parameters window, enter a GL Date and Book.
  • Choose Submit to submit the concurrent request.
  • Review the log files and report after the request completes.

Which actions can be performed while preparing asset lines after creating mass additions?

You must review newly created mass addition lines before you can post them to Oracle Assets to become assets. You can place a group of mass additions in the POST, ON HOLD, or DELETE queues all at once. You can also perform a split, merge, or cost adjustment on mass additions before you post them.

What is mass addition in Oracle Apps r12?

The mass additions process lets you add new assets or cost adjustments from other systems to your system automatically without reentering the data. For example, you can add new assets from invoice lines brought over to Oracle Assets from Oracle Payables, or from CIP asset lines sent from Oracle Projects.

What is Post mass additions in Oracle Apps?

Use the Post Mass Additions to Oracle Assets program to create assets from mass addition lines in the POST queue using the data you entered in the Mass Additions window. It also adds mass additions in the COST ADJUSTMENT queue to existing assets. You can run this program as often as you want during a period.

What is mass addition in grasshopper?

You can use Mass Addition in Grasshopper to sum up and calculate lists of data.

What is fixed asset in Oracle Fusion?

Oracle Fixed Assets is part of Oracle Financials. Oracle Fixed Assets has four main business processes – additions, adjustments, depreciation, and retirements. It provides an effective way to track assets for financial and reporting needs.

For which of these is Oracle assets fully integrated with subledger accounting?

Oracle Assets is fully integrated with Oracle Subledger Accounting for generating accounting entries, transaction drilldown, and reporting.

What is the mass of a grasshopper?

The average mass of a grasshopper is around 100 mg. The largest species of grasshopper is the giant weta grasshopper.

Which types of leases are supported in assets?

The two types of leases:

  • Operating Lease—Similar to rental agreements, operating leases are for short durations.
  • Capitalized Lease—Leases that last for almost the life of the asset and where the asset is worthless after the lease period.

What are the methods in which asset can be added in Oracle?

Acquire and Build CIP Assets Create CIP assets using Mass Additions or manual additions. Oracle Assets identifies invoices with distributions to CIP clearing accounts in Oracle Payables, and creates mass additions from them. You can create new CIP assets from your mass additions, or add them to existing assets.

What are CIP assets?

A construction-in-process (CIP) asset is an asset you construct over a period of time. Create and maintain your CIP assets as you spend money for raw materials and labor to construct them. Since a CIP asset is not yet in use, it does not depreciate and is only in the corporate book.