What are the latest trends in sarees?

From a classic border style to floral prints to a silk masterpiece, be it anything, here are the new trending sarees in 2022.

  • Pastel Silk Saris.
  • Concept Saris.
  • Multi-color Sarees.
  • Pleated Sarees.
  • Velvet Sarees.
  • Dual-tone Ombre Sarees.
  • Color Blocked Sarees.
  • Tissue Sarees.

Can I design my own saree?

It is not always necessary to spend a fortune to get a designer saree. There are many ways in which you can design a stylish contemporary saree for yourself on your own. Yes, that’s absolutely possible!

Which is the best saree style?

There are a number of ways a saree is draped in different parts of India and here are our top picks of the most traditional styles.

  • Seedha pallu.
  • Mekhela chadar.
  • Pinkosu.
  • Kappulu.
  • Gol saree (Parsi drape)
  • Halakki Vokkaliga.
  • Coorgi style.
  • Kunbi drape.

How do you decorate a plain silk saree?

Any plain saree can be converted into a designer piece by adding a sequins border. You can also get a sequins blouse to go with this. Every woman should have a black, silver and a golden sequins blouse in her wardrobe. These can be paired with multiple sarees and they transform the look completely.

How can I make a cheap saree look expensive?

One can easily get a pom pom lace or loose pom poms from the market and add them to the saree. The pom poms will enlighten any saree and give saree a rich and expensive look. Bright colourful pom poms on any plain saree will bring grace. Pom poms are trendy so to make the saree stylish and expensive try using pom pom.

How to design beautiful sarees at home?

Adding a beautiful Border. Nowadays there are so many ways to design a saree at home,and one of the simplest way that you can do it yourself is by

  • Add Embellishment to your Saree.
  • Add a Pretty Floral Border to your Saree.
  • Accessorize your Saree with Brooches and Chains.
  • Designing your plain saree with Brocade.
  • Half and Half Sarees.
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  • How to make designer saree at home?

    How to make designer saree at home | saari kaise banate hain ghar per | Half- Half designer sareeDIY SAREE making Designer saree at home how to make desiner

    How to design a plain saree at home?

    Contrasting Blouse – When it comes to sarees,blouses can be a game-changer.

  • Statement Accessories – To turn the whole look around,add a statement neckpiece made of brass,silver,or gold.
  • Play with Makeup – Plain Sarees give you room to play around with makeup.
  • Throw on a Jacket – You can pair a jacket with your saree to add some drama to the look.
  • What are the most beautiful sarees of India?

    ↓ 10 – Satya Paul. Satya Paul is one of the foremost designers who is known for her ethnic wear.

  • ↓ 9 – Nalli sarees. Nalli sarees is known for its wide variety of beautiful sarees.
  • ↓ 8 – Gaurang.
  • ↓ 7 – Ritu Kumar.
  • ↓ 6 – Hasan Shehryar Yasin HSY.
  • ↓ 5 – Tarun Tahilliani.
  • ↓ 4 – Elan.
  • ↓ 3 – Anita Dongre.
  • ↓ 2 – Sabyasachi.
  • ↓ 1 – Manish Malhotra.