What are the scariest things caught on surveillance cameras?

15 Of The Scariest Things Caught On Surveillance Cameras 1. Strange Disappearance. This security tape captures what appears to be an alien abduction of a man. The footage that… 2. Elevator Ghost. Two businessmen step into an elevator. What is captured on the footage after the two men leave is…

Are the things captured on security cameras real?

This means that most things captured on security cameras are real. As technology is advancing everyday soon we will have high quality filming through security cameras everywhere. These cameras are already starting to be rolled out to the public, but it’s only seen in nice neighbourhoods and is mainly used for home security.

Can surveillance cameras pick up unexplainable things?

Surveillance cameras are put into place to capture things while someone isn’t there to see it with their own two eyes. These usually are great sources of evidence for crimes like burglaries, break-ins and more. However, sometimes these security cameras pick up something unexplainable.

Why is the entity caught on CCTV so strange?

The CCTV footage is higher quality, and shows signs of post effects added, such as a black and white filter. The entity itself is strange as most spirits caught on tape don’t take the shape of a dark figure, and are usually lighter, and more opaque.

What makes a security camera hard to fake?

Typically a security camera is recorded in standard definition, and often times don’t have audio that accompany the footage. This makes it harder to make out things that are caught on camera. The base quality of a security camera can make it hard to fake in post.

What happened to the man caught on the nanny cam?

The man was caught thanks to it being filmed on the nanny cam, and he was charged with attempted murder, burglary, and attempted harm towards a child. 6. Killer Clown Before the large trend of everyone dressing as killer clowns and taking to the streets, it was only a thing that was localized in small towns.