What bulbs are interchangeable with 9006?

Headlight & Fog Light Bulb Cross-Reference Guide – LED | HID | Halogen

Bulb Equivalent to Lighting Technology
HB3 9005, H10, 9040, 9055, 9140, 9145, 9150, 9155 LED, HID and Halogen
HB4 9006, 9012 LED, HID and Halogen
PS24W H16 (T-Shaped), 5202, 2504, PS24WFF, 5201, 9009 LED, HID and Halogen
PSX24W 2504 LED, HID and Halogen

What do 9006 bulbs fit?

What cars use a 9006 bulb? Among the models that are compatible with 9006 bulbs are Acura MDX, Audi A6, BMW M3, Chevrolet Avalanche, GMC Envoy, Honda Accord & Civic, Mazda Miata, Nissan Titan, Saturn Vue, and Toyota Camry.

Are 9006 bulbs dual beam?

SINGLE BEAM VS DUAL BEAM HID BULBS The lights of H1, H3, H3C, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H15*, 880, 881, 5202, 9004, 9005, 9006 and 9007 sizes can be single beam. The bulbs of this type have one filament which produces one patter: either high beam, low beam or fog light.

Is a H11 bulb the same as 9005?

Q: Is The H11 The Same As 9005? While the two bulbs share the L-shape, they are not compatible. The H11 is a single low beam light, whereas the 9005 is high beam light with a high illumination capability.

Is 9006 low or high beam?

Low Beam
The 9005 is the High Beam and the 9006 is the Low Beam. You’ll need both of them for your car.

Are 9005 and 9006 the same?

9006 Bulbs Explained And while the 9005 and 9006 bulb types may seem quite similar with the same socket, they are used for different applications. Unlike the 9005 headlight bulbs, the 9006 headlight bulbs are used for low beam output instead of high beam output.

What is a 9006 headlight bulb?

Sylvania’s Silverstar 9006 headlamp series consisted of two models in 2010. The 9006ST (ST = Silverstar) is a low-beam bulb with a 90 degree base. It has a light output of 1,000 lumens, produces 55 watts of heat per hour and has an estimated lifespan of 200 hours.

Is 9006 low beam or high beam?

low beam
9006 Bulbs Explained Unlike the 9005 headlight bulbs, the 9006 headlight bulbs are used for low beam output instead of high beam output.

How do I know if I have dual beam headlights?

Look at your car’s headlight to see whether there are one or two bulbs. If you see two bulbs, you have a single beam system. If you only see one bulb, you have a dual beam system.

Can I put a 9005 bulb in an H11?

Despite having the same shape, and H11 to 9005 conversions is impossible, but the 9005 can fit into the H11’s socket. Their functionality also differs, where the 9005 is a high beam, whereas the other bulb is a low beam.