What can I buy for $15?

The 15 Best Amazon Gifts Under $15

  1. This adorable tea infuser. Amazon.
  2. This ice ball maker. Amazon.
  3. This macramé plant holder set. Amazon.
  4. This magnetic wristband. Amazon.
  5. These gold-plated hoop earrings. Amazon.
  6. This mess-free Frozen coloring set. Amazon.
  7. This brown sugar body scrub. Amazon.
  8. These cute cactus candles. Amazon.

What can I buy for under $20?

19 Gifts That No One Will Believe Are Under $20

  • Marble & Brass Dip Bowl. West Elm.
  • 2-Pack Slouchy Ribbed Crew Socks. UGG.
  • Cozy Plush Fluffy Slippers. Amazon.
  • Initial Ring Tray Dish. Simple Shine.
  • Sweater Stone.
  • Stemless Wine Glasses.
  • The Mini Bar: 100 Essential Cocktail Recipes, Notebook Set.
  • Yellow Gold Lightweight Open Hoops.

What can you buy with 12 dollars?

28 Coolest Gifts under $12

  • Spot It! Game.
  • minibru Coffee Mug. Take one-cup coffee brewing to the next level with this minibru coffee mug.
  • Lindor Truffles Gift Box.
  • Caffeinated Hot Sauce.
  • Mockingjay Pin.
  • Waboba Ball.
  • Sketch and Draw Pencil Set.
  • Handy Notes.

What should I ask for Secret Santa?

62 Secret Santa Gift Ideas if You Need Some Holiday Inspo

  • this water-resistant speaker. Bluetooth Shower Speaker.
  • this gadget holder. Zip-Around Mini Tech Case.
  • this Polaroid camera.
  • this challenging puzzle.
  • this percussion massager.
  • this tracker tag.
  • this pretty polish set.
  • this nap companion.

How can I make $20 fun?

20 Really Fun Things to Do Under $20

  1. Explore the library. Check out your local library.
  2. Video game tournament.
  3. Visit the park.
  4. Kids eat free nights.
  5. Tackle a puzzle.
  6. Host a game night.
  7. Get together for a pick-up game.
  8. Try out mini-golf.

What is a good unisex gift for $20?

Here are various ideas under $20 that make great unisex Secret Santa gifts for coworkers, friends, or family members.

  • Food or Sweets.
  • Cute or Funny Mug.
  • Tea Steeper.
  • Flashy Bike Lights.
  • Board or Card Game.
  • Scratch-Off Poster.
  • Package-Opening Tool.
  • Water Bottle With Infuser.

What are the best white elephant gifts?

24 Best White Elephant Gifts and Ideas Everyone Will Happily Reach for in 2021

  • Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker.
  • Avocado Toast Glass Ornament.
  • Mini Bowling Set Table Top Bowling Game.
  • Carole Towne Animatronic Lighted.
  • Collapsible Silicone Travel Mug.

What is Secret Santa gift exchange?

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a fun way to exchange gifts with friends in person or across the miles! Our Secret Santa Generator will randomly assign names that participants will be sending a gift to. In a Secret Santa style gift exchange, participants will not draw the same person who drew them.

What should I get my 12 year old girl for her birthday?

Here are 21 of the best gifts for 12-year-old girls:

  • A remake of a popular party game. Amazon.
  • A no-slip sports headband. Amazon.
  • A waterproof speaker. Amazon.
  • An adventure course for their own backyard. Amazon.
  • A better grip for her phone.
  • A box with STEM projects delivered monthly.
  • An old-school camera.
  • A popping stress reliever.