What candy is Savannah known for?

Pecan Pralines
Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is famous for our handmade traditional Pecan Pralines.

Is River Street Sweets the same as Savannah’s candy Kitchen?

After numerous requests, the Strickland family combined their efforts to offer the best of both candy companies under the unified brand River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. They now share their candy making traditions by offering franchise opportunities in future locations.

What state has the best pralines?

These Louisiana pralines are the best sweet tooth treat because they’re sweet, filling and so addicting. A mix of cream, vanilla, and pecans combine perfectly to make this easy bite-sized candy.

What is praline candy made of?

praline, French pralin, in French confectionery, a cooked mixture of sugar, nuts, and vanilla, often ground to a paste for use as a pastry or candy filling, analogous to marzipan; also, a sugar-coated almond or other nutmeat.

What candy is Georgia known for?

Pecan Brittle Enjoy this delicious southern snack from Georgia. Always a treat to your tastebuds, the old fashioned green and…

Who owns savannahs Candy Kitchen?

For forty years, and 3 generations, the Strickland family has been hand making an array of Southern confections using their family’s recipes. Owner of Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, Stan “the Candy Man” Strickland, learned his mother’s passion and old-fashioned methods as a child.

How long are Aunt Sally’s pralines good for?

All of Aunt Sally’s Pralines are 100% gluten-free. We don’t use any preservatives in our Original Classic Pralines, so it’s best to eat them within 7 days. Our Originals are made after French-style pralines – thinner, nuttier, and crisper.

What nut is in a praline?

A praline, in short, is a sugar coated nut. Traditionally, a praline is a maple or brown sugar flavored confection made with pecans. Some pralines are simply a nut with a brown sugar coating around them while others, are flat and have a harder more crunchy texture with pecans mixed in.

What is the most popular candy in Georgia?

Georgia’s favorite is Swedish Fish, Jolly Ranchers and Reese’s Cups. Check out the interactive map below to find out what the most popular candy is in other states.

What candy is made in Georgia?

Peanut and Pecan candies are a southern staple in every household, especially at Christmas! In this collection you will find chocolate peanuts and pecans, salted, butter toffee, cinnamon covered, peach candy, peach cookies and more!

How long do pralines stay good?

Pecan pralines last up to three weeks. So it is better to consume the pecan pralines in the first two to three weeks after you make them. After three weeks, the pralines will not go bad but the sugar will begin to re-crystallize and so they will lose their delicious creaminess and will get a little harder to chew.

Do you like Savannah’s candy pralines?

I absolutely love Savannah’s Candy Pralines. I have began to share the goodness with friends, family and co workers. The milk and sugar are so delicious in this candy. Not too sweet, but a perfect amount of everything. These are my #1 favorite pralines in the world. Thank you Savannah Candies for sharing your delightful treats with us.

What are Savannah’s chocolate pralines made with?

Our Chocolate Pralines are made with real butter, rich cream, fine sugar and dark chocolate. This two pack contains… Savannah’s Original Pralines are the item we are best known for and when you add dark chocolate to the mix you get…

What kind of candy is made in Savannah GA?

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has made southern confections known from coast to coast – from our famous Savannah’s Original Pralines, saltwater taffy, to hand stretched peanut brittle. Whether for holidays, office parties, gifts, or just because, we have you covered with an assortment of tasty candies, cakes, and pies.

What is praline candy?

Old-time southern sweets and candies made with real sugar, real south Georgia pecans, and real love. We hand make all our pralines and pecan clusters (Tybee Terrapins) with real sugar milled right here in Savannah.