What Christer should say?

Trick Christer into Leaving[edit] Fjola gives you her wedding band as proof to present to Christer and tells you to keep it once he has left. You can tell Christer either that Fjola is dead or you only found her ring. Either way he is relieved, gives the ring back to you as reward, and takes off to start living again.

Is it possible to join the Forsworn?

The Forsworn are the most common type of hostile NPC encountered in the Reach. Encounters with them will not occur under normal conditions outside of the Reach. It is not possible to join the Forsworn, but you can side with them through a quest series and one area will become non-hostile.

Is there a shout in Yngvild?

Trivia. There will almost always be a Draugr Deathlord with the full power Unrelenting Force shout in the tomb, regardless of level. This can lead to the player’s death at lower levels.

How do I release Melka?

It may be necessary to lead the Forsworn back to where Melka is stuck for her to start moving again. PC (Fix) This can be resolved by typing the console command resurrect while targeting Petra and killing her again. Or, one can also simply kill Melka for the reward instead.

Where can I find Christer?

Mistwatch North Tower
Christer is a Nord who can be found in the first level of Mistwatch North Tower. He gives the miscellaneous quest “Forgetting about Fjola.”

Can you become Thane of Markarth after Forsworn conspiracy?

Yes, to my knowledge there is only one quest where you side with the forsworn (the forsworn conspiracy) and it has zero impact on the rest of the game. Indeed.

Who is Deekus Skyrim?

Deekus is an Argonian who lives at a small camp site near Hela’s Folly. He is the target of a Dark Brotherhood contract.

Can you marry Vekel the man?

As far as “relationships” go, Skyrim only recognizes NPCs as being married, not married, and available to be married. Vekel’s “relationship” isn’t any of these, it’s just backstory he provides through his dialogue.

What should I do with Fjola?

Killing Fjola The Dragonborn can choose to kill Fjola and loot her body, including her ring: This is pointless. I should just kill you and be done with it. “Better men have tried.