What countries is BreadTalk in?

With a global staff strength of close to 5,000 employees, the Group operates more than 800 bakeries, more than 31 Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom and close to 60 award winning Food Republic outlets in China, Singapore, China-Hong Kong, Malaysia, China-Taiwan, Thailand and Cambodia …

How much BreadTalk does China have?

300 outlets
C: Today, you have over 300 outlets in China. Your business there has expanded beyond bakeries into food courts and restaurants.

What is BreadTalk known for?

Founded in 2000, BreadTalk is a distinctive brand from Singapore that has gained international appeal. It is renowned for the way it has revolutionised the culture of bread consumption where shopping for bread was unheard of.

Is there BreadTalk in Taiwan?

If you’re craving Taiwanese fare in particular, there’s some good news, BreadTalk has launched a new The Taiwan Taste collection inspired by street food and comfort dishes of Taiwan.

Who owns Din Tai Fung Philippines?

1) Din Tai Fung was brought into the Philippines by The Moment Group. DTF is one of the most difficult franchises to acquire.

Is BreadTalk halal in Singapore?

No. BreadTalk is not Halal Certified.

Is Singapore a BreadTalk?

BreadTalk Group Private Limited is a Singaporean multinational snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Paya Lebar, Singapore.

Where can I find BreadTalk concept in Hong Kong?

China-Hong Kong. BreadTalk Concept Hong Kong Limited 1/F, Ritz Plaza, 122 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong +852 3520 1220.

Where can I buy bread in Hong Kong?

No tables for eating inside the bakery. Helpful? BreadTalk has the largest variety of bread in Hong Kong probably. They are located at various good locations Helpful? This is a bakery store providing mostly freshly baked bread there.

What are the brands in the BreadTalk brand portfolio?

Our brand portfolio comprises direct owned brands such as BreadTalk, Toast Box, Food Republic, Food Junction, Bread Society, Sō Ramen, Thye Moh Chan, The Icing Room, Butter Bean, Charlie Tea and partner brands such as Din Tai Fung 1, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh 2 and Wu Pao Chun Bakery 3.