What do you mean by wanting?

1 : to desire, wish, or long for something I want to go home. 2 : to feel or suffer the need of something …

What is a legal request called?

n. the right to examine and copy the opposing party’s papers in a lawsuit which are relevant to the case. A demand (legal request) may be made, but the categories of documents must be stated so that the other party can know what he/she must produce.

What is the legal definition of means?

1a : something enabling one to achieve a desired end a means of self-defense. b : cause sense 1. 2 : resources (as income and assets) at one’s disposal.

How do you use wanting?

Wanting sentence example

  1. How could she blame him for wanting to smile?
  2. Betsy looked at her, as if wanting to hear more.
  3. Deidre squeezed her eyes closed, not wanting to see Darkyn response and afraid his anger might be directed at her.
  4. I wanted you to tell me that wasn’t your sole reason for wanting to get married.

Is the word wanting correct?

If you simply have a desire for something, you do not use “wanting”. Example: You see a nice bike. In your head, it says “I want it”, not “I am wanting it”. If you need to emphasize an ongoing and/or repeated process, “wanting” is correct.

What is a formal request in law?

Formal Request means a written request by You that (i) is made within 30 days of a Qualifying Incident(s) Period, (ii) includes the words “SLA Service Credit Request” in the subject line, (iii) references the Qualifying Incident number(s), date(s), times, and (iv) indicates Your preference as to whether any resulting …

What does motion mean in legal terms?

Motions. Motions are not pleadings but are requests for the judge to make a legal ruling. Some of the most common pre-trial motions include: Motion to Discover. A motion by which one party seeks to gain information from the adverse party.

What legal aspects mean?

Legal Aspects of Business examines the role of the law on all aspects of business ownership and management. Throughout the course, students focus on legal ethics, court procedures, torts, contracts, consumer law, property law, employment law, environmental law, and international law.

What type of word is legal?

Legal is an adjective – Word Type.

Can we say wanting?

Most uses of want involve the simple forms of the verb (want, wants, wanted). When we are talking about wishes or desires we can also use the continuous form (is wanting, was wanting, will be wanting).

Is there any word wanting?

lacking or absent: a motor with some of the parts wanting. deficient in some part, thing, or respect: to be wanting in courtesy. lacking; without: a box wanting a lid. less; minus: a century wanting three years.

Can I use wanting?

What is the meaning of wanting in English?

Absent; lacking: What is wanting is a real understanding of the issue. 2. Not measuring up to standards or expectations: found his performance wanting. prep. 1. Without; missing: a shirt wanting a button. 2. Minus; less: an hour wanting 15 minutes. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What does wanton mean in law?

Wanton. The term wanton implies a reckless disregard for the consequences of one’s behavior. A wanton act is one done in heedless disregard for the life, limbs, health, safety, reputation, or property rights of another individual. Such an act is than Negligence or gross negligence; it is equivalent in its results to an act of willful misconduct.

What is the meaning of found wanting?

: falling below a standard, hope, or need The plan was found wanting. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? A daily challenge for crossword fanatics. Love words?

What is the meaning of plan found wanting?

Send us feedback . : falling below a standard, hope, or need The plan was found wanting. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? A daily challenge for crossword fanatics.