What do you use energy for in Wizard101?

Energy is used for Training Pets, Gardening, and Fishing.

How long does it take for pet energy to refill Wizard101?

The Pet Energy will regain a point every 10 minutes, so you can spend time doing quests and other adventures while your Energy refills naturally on its own. Your Energy will also continue to fill when you are not playing Wizard101.

Where do you get energy jewels in wizard101?


  • Wildlands.
  • Ursai Village.
  • Night Forest.
  • Badlands.
  • Mandoria.
  • Sky City.
  • Heap.
  • Where do you get the spiral Cup gauntlet?

    Description. This instance gauntlet is accessed through the Spiral Cup Gauntlet housing item. The instance quest Master of Arms activates upon entry. The health of the creatures to be defeated and the quest rewards vary based on the lowest level Wizard that enters.

    Do potions refill energy Wizard101?

    You can buy potions from the Crowns shop already. They refill your pet energy to full.

    Are there any cheats for Wizard101?

    Press either Ctrl or Shift and the down arrow key to lessen the damage on you. Press the shift/Ctrl keys when the opponent is making the symbol. Press the arrow key when the spell is just about to hit you. Boss pets and crown plants for free!

    How do I refill my pet energy?

    Re: refilling pet energy

    1. Train as soon as you log on.
    2. Train, if possible, in the early morning.
    3. Train at night, preferably when your energy is near-max or full.
    4. ALWAYS train your pet everyday.
    5. feed your pet Rank 4-6 (preferably 5 & 6 past adult) snacks that are the same “school” as your pet.
    6. It takes time.

    How often does energy refill Wizard101?

    F2P energy refills 1 per 10 mins. Buying membership will increase the rate to 1 every 7.5 mins.

    How do you make a doomsday Krok gauntlet?

    Recipe:Doomsday Krok Gauntlet

    1. 20 Time Lime.
    2. 10 Alternate Time Lime.
    3. 5 Parallel Time Limes.