What does a fluoride treatment do for your teeth?

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay.

Is fluoride varnish effective?

Despite a high level of heterogeneity identified in the meta-analysis, the authors concluded that fluoride varnish was an effective product to stop the progression of enamel carious lesions in both primary and permanent teeth.

Does fluoride help prevent tooth decay?

Fluoride is one of the most powerful minerals to help prevent tooth decay by making the tooth enamel more resistant to those attacking acids. It can also actually reverse very early decay.

Why is fluoride varnish better?

Because fluoride varnish is applied directly to teeth, it sets very quickly and adheres to teeth. This means that not only do you need to use less, but the minimal amount used is less likely to be swallowed than fluoride foam.

Is fluoride treatment at dentist worth it?

Yes! Not only does fluoride prevent decay, it can also reduce root hypersensitivity such as cold sensitivity and sensitivity during dental cleanings, which can be common with gum recession.

Does fluoride darken teeth?

Excessive fluoride: In small doses, fluoride is an important tooth protector, but in high doses, it can cause your teeth to discolor. Elevated exposure may come from high fluoride content in the local water supply or excessive use of fluoride toothpaste, rinses, and supplements.

How often should fluoride varnish be applied?

Fluoride varnish can be applied up to 4 times per year or every 3 months. Studies show that children who get fluoride varnish every 3 months have fewer cavities than those who get it less often or not at all.

Does fluoride rebuild enamel?

Fluoride can also reverse the effects of tooth decay by rebuilding weakened enamel, if taken early on. Since the introduction of fluoride to the dental industry and food sources, millions of people throughout the years have reaped the benefits of less cavities and stronger tooth enamel.

How long should I leave fluoride on my teeth?

In general, patients are advised to wait 30 minutes after a fluoride treatment before eating or drinking. This 30-minutes allows time for the fluoride treatment to seal to the teeth.

How long does fluoride treatment last?

How long does fluoride varnish last? The fluoride varnish sticks to the teeth until brushed away the next day, however, the benefits of the fluoride will last for several months. Fluoride varnish needs to be reapplied every 3 to 4 months for best results.