What does Allagash stand for?

bark stream
The name “Allagash” comes from the Abenaki language, a dialect of the Algonquin languages, spoken by the Penobscot Tribe. The word, /walakéskʸihtəkʸ/, means “bark stream”. Allagash River.

What kind of beer is Allagash?

Belgian-style wheat beer
Allagash White is a take on a traditional Belgian-style wheat beer, brewed with oats and red and white wheat, then spiced with coriander, Curaçao orange peel and an undisclosed secret ingredient.

Is Allagash White Light?

LIGHT IN FLAVOR Our flagship beer, Allagash White is a good example of these complexities. Many would describe White as a lighter option as it is both a very light-colored beer and has lower alcohol at a sessionable 5.2%. We’d certainly describe it as refreshing, crisp, and easy drinking.

Do rivers in Maine flow north?

physiography of Maine … and its principal tributary, the Allagash, are the major exceptions, flowing north and then east along the northern border of Maine and turning south through New Brunswick, Can., to the Bay of Fundy. The state is dotted with 2,500 lakes and ponds, the largest of which is Moosehead Lake (116…

Is Allagash a craft beer?

Whether it’s your first craft beer or your 1000th, Allagash White is a Craft Beer OG that continues to hold up. The year was 1995. In the corner of a warehouse in Portland, Maine, Allagash’s founder and sole employee, Rob Tod, cobbled together a 15-barrel brewhouse.

How deep is the Allagash River?

It averages thirty-five feet deep; the deepest point is eighty-nine feet. The lake’s waters are cold and well oxygenated, favoring cold-water fish.

Where are the Allagash mountains?

Elevation: 1760+ feet, 536+ meters

Elevation Info: Elevation range: 1760 – 1780 ft (20-foot closed contour) NAVD88 Elevation: 1759 ft / 536 m (Range 1759 – 1779 ft)
Country United States
State/Province Maine
County/Second Level Region Piscataquis
City/Town T7 R14 WELS