What does bra mean in slang?

1. (slang) Friend. Take it easy, bra! noun.

What is a bra for girls?

/ (ˈbræsɪə, ˈbræz-) / noun. a woman’s undergarment for covering and supporting the breastsOften shortened to: bra.

What do people call bras?

The bra is an essential clothing item that goes by many names….Slang Names for Ladies Knickers.

Knickers Frillies
Underpants Granny Panties
Briefs Bloomers
Thongs Smalls
G-String Unmentionables

Is bra a word?

Yes, bra is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is bla bla bla meaning?

1 or less commonly blah-blah \ ˈblä-​ˌblä \ : silly or pretentious chatter or nonsense. 2 blahs plural [perhaps influenced in meaning by blasé] : a feeling of boredom, lethargy, or general dissatisfaction. blah.

What is bra strip?

(brɑː stræp ) a strap for fastening a bra.

Is it fashionable to go braless?

One of the latest trends in the fashion world is going braless. It’s for this reason that many luxury brands are designing elegant dresses that come with built-in support. These supports may include bra cups that have been sewed into the dress, elastic liming or a shelf bra.

What does brah mean in texting?

BRAH means “Brother.”

Is it bla bla bla or blah blah blah?

Blah blah blah is the normal way to spell it. Bla looks kind of blah.

How do you wear a bra?

The correct way to wear a bra is by clasping all of them. Also, make sure the back band isn’t riding up and stays parallel to the ground. Additionally, as a thumb rule, make sure that you start with the loosest hook when you purchase a new bra and eventually move inward.

Who invented the bra and why?

According to Life magazine, in 1889 Herminie Cadolle of France invented the first modern bra. It appeared in a corset catalogue as a two-piece undergarment, which she originally called the corselet gorge, and later le bien-être (or “the well-being”).

What does Bre mean in Urban Dictionary?

Bree is a girl who is unforgettable. She lights up a room right when she walks in to it. Bree is the girl everyone dreams to be. She’s a goddes and is truly amazing. She makes guys drool. Everyone wants to hang out with her and talk to her. She isn’t the popular girl, she’s the under study for the popular girl.

What does Brand X mean in Urban Dictionary?

the term used by people who wear brand only clothing to define those who cant afford to wear brand only clothing. brand x clothing can often be bought from cheap ass places like wal-mart, asda, QS and primark. hahah, i saw you wearing a shirt with no logo on it, hahahah, i believe thats called brand x! Get a brand x mug for your Uncle Jerry.

What does Barbra mean in Urban Dictionary?

an amazingly beautiful woman. drop dead gorgeous. makes all men hot and bothered. loves to dance. has the ability to corrupt the minds of innocent idividuals. omg, barbara is so hot! Get the Barbara neck gaiter and mug. Barbara is the sexiest female on the face of the earth and is extremely fine by all means .

What does shelf bra mean in Urban Dictionary?

The most common type is called a shelf bra (not to be confused with a shelf bra that is a cup-less bra). A second layer of fabric is sewn underneath the singlet that stops just under the bust and is pulled in with a line of elastic (see illustration below).