What does BS 8888 refer to?

BS 8888 is the UK’s national framework standard for engineering drawings and geometrical tolerancing. It covers all of the requirements for the technical specification of products and their component parts. Among other things, it explains the way in which engineering drawings outline and present these specifications.

What is a geometric tolerance zone?

In effect, a geometrical tolerance limits the permissible variation of form, attitude or location of a feature (Kempster, 1984). It does so by defining a tolerance zone within which the feature must be contained. Although a full listing of geometrical tolerances is provided in BS EN ISO 1101: Technical drawings.

What is the purpose of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing?

GD, short for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, is a system for defining and communicating design intent and engineering tolerances that helps engineers and manufacturers optimally control variations in manufacturing processes.

Why did BS 8888 replace BS 308?

BS 8888 got off to a very rocky start, as much of industry expected it to be a kind of new, improved BS 308, and instead, found that it consisted of little more than a long list of ISO standards, and gave virtually no guidance on how to produce a specification.

What is the British Standard for quality systems?

BS5750 is the British Standard on “Quality Systems”. Its equivalent in European Standards is EN29000 and in the International Standards Organisation ISO9000. This paper points out that these standards lay down formalised procedures and require documentation but do not ipso facto lead to quality assurance.

What are BS standards?

British Standard refers to the specification of recommended procedure, quality of output, terminology and other details, in a particular field making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials.

Which statement is true about coordinate tolerancing coordinate tolerancing uses?

Which statement is true about Coordinate Tolerancing? Coordinate Tolerancing uses: N Imaginary tolerance zones to describe the location of various part features.

What is dimensional tolerancing?

Dimensional tolerances are a crucial part of the design and manufacturing process. A tolerance is a numerical range of measurements assigned to a part’s dimensions indicating how much a manufacturing team can drift from the nominal measurement.