What does Francoise Hardy sing about?

Ms. Hardy is well-versed in singing about partings and beginnings. In 1968, at age 24, she rose to the top of French and British pop charts with “It Hurts to Say Goodbye,” written by Serge Gainsbourg.

What style of music is Francoise Hardy?

French pop

Françoise Hardy
Genres French pop
Instruments Vocals guitar
Years active 1962–2018
Labels Disques Vogue Sonopresse Warner Bros. Pathé-Marconi Flarenasch EMI Virgin Parlophone

Does Francoise Hardy smoke?

She doesn’t smoke. (And, Hardy added: “I don’t dance at all—except in my mind always.”) Hardy’s slightly androgynous charm rendered the exaggerated femininity of the sex-kitten of the time old-fashioned—even to Roger Vadim (who “created” and married Bardot) who tapped Hardy to act in Château en Suède.

What makes Françoise Hardy’s La question so special?

Described as “the first truly personal Françoise Hardy record”, the 1971 album La question is regarded as an important turning point in her career, moving towards a less commercial sound with no apparent hooks.

Who are the producers of the radio show falling for Francoise?

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What was the name of the radio program for Francoise Hardy?

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When did Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc live together?

Hardy began her much publicized relationship with fellow singer Jacques Dutronc in 1967. They had a somewhat distant relationship and did not live together until after the birth of their only son, Thomas, on 16 June 1973. In the autumn of 1974, Hardy and Dutronc moved in together in a three-storey house near Parc Montsouris, with separate bedrooms.