What does INTELI-POWER 9200 do?

The Progressive Dynamics 9200 Series INTELI-POWER converters are UL listed for the US and Canada. They provide safe, reliable, filtered DC power to all Recreational Vehicle 12-Volt lighting and appliance circuits.

What does an Inteli-Power 9100 do?

The Inteli-Power 9100 Series is the 12 volt converter/charger of choice by leading manufacturers. These solid-state converter/chargers deliver filtered DC power to all 12 volt lighting and appliance circuits providing safe and reliable service.

What does a charge wizard do?

The Charge Wizard is a microprocessor-controlled unit that constantly monitors the RV battery voltage and then selects one of three charging voltages and one of four operating modes to properly re-charge and maintain the RV battery.

What is a inverter charger?

An inverter/charger would convert the AC power from the generator to charge the DC battery bank. An off grid inverter/charger would be converting the power in both directions, from AC to DC to charge the battery from the AC generator, and converting the DC power from the battery to AC for your appliances.

What is a TCMS interface?

the Total Charging Management System (TCMS) interface. The TCMS interface connects the converter. to optional devices that can automatically control the. output voltage of the converter thereby controlling the.

What is a TCMS interface connection?

The TCMS interface connects the converter to optional devices that can automatically control the output voltage of the converter thereby controlling the charge rate to the batteries. The converter has been designed and tested to provide maintenance free operation.

What is Wizard Mode button?

While the built-in Charge Wizard automatically determines which operating mode is best suited to recharge or maintain optimum battery condition, the Wizard Mode Button allows for manual override and has an indicator light to indicate the mode of operation.

What is a 4 stage charger?

This voltage will maintain the full charge condition in the battery without boiling our electrolyte or overcharging the battery. Four stage charging cycle. Four stage charging supplies constant current to battery until absorption voltage is reached (VFSTERM).

How do I know if my inverter is charging?

1) the inverter display will have an led switched ON when the battery is being charged. in some inverters the led keeps blinking when the battery is being charged. This is one indicator, but you have to trust the inverter in this case.

What is a TCMS engineer?

As Total Train Control – TCMS Software Engineer, The primary activities involved in the role are to provide technical guidance and technical leadership within the team responsible for designing and developing the train control software against functional and non-functional requirements.

How do I install charge wizard?


  1. Disconnect the 120 VAC Shore Power Cord from the RV.
  2. Remove the screw above the converter TCMS port.
  3. Push the Charge Wizard plug into the converter TCMS port.
  4. Reinstall the screw to hold the plug in place.
  5. Reconnect the Shore Power cord to 120 VAC power.