What does LWRC stand for in guns?

Land Warfare Resources Corporation
LWRC International, LLC, formerly known as Land Warfare Resources Corporation, is a CAGE defense contractor and firearms manufacturer, founded in 1999, and is now based in Cambridge, Maryland.

Is LWRC m6 good?

Overall, the LWRC IC-SPR is a great rifle for a predator hunter looking for a gun in the higher-end market. “Our rifles are famous for reliability and longevity,” says Clemmer. “Our cold-hammer forged barrels can handle two to three times as many rounds as a standard M4 or AR-15.

What barrel does LWRC use?

41V45 alloy steel
LWRCI™ manufactures its own cold hammer-forged barrels out of 41V45 alloy steel. The cold hammer-forging process uses high-pressure rotary hammers to compact a gun-drilled blank over a mandrel.

What are LWRC barrels made of?

LWRCI manufactures its own cold hammer-forged barrels to ensure the same high standards as our guns with a quality we can confidently stand behind. Each barrel is manufactured out of 41V45 steel alloy treated with NiCorr™ surface conversion technology.

What makes the LWRC M6 IC special?

LWRC M6 IC comes with LWRC’s propitiatory 1/7 twist cold hammer forged spiral fluted barrel, With nicorr treatment which doubles barrel life. While the fluting adds rigidity and improved cooling features of barrel.

How often should I Clean my LWRC m6-spr?

LWRC recommends cleaning the gas-piston, which is accessible by removing the top portion of the rail system. However, LWRC claims that this only needs to be done every five thousand rounds. I’ll keep running the gun, but so far it runs clean. There is no doubt LWRC’s M6-SPR is a high quality rifle.

What makes the land warfare Resources Corporation’s M6 rifle so good?

The Land Warfare Resources Corporation (LWRC) developed their M6 line of rifles—powered by their proprietary short-stroke piston system—to meet this demand. LWRC employs some impressive technology in their products, such as NiCorr surface conversion on their barrels and nickel-alloy coating on their bolt carriers.

Is the m6-spr a good rifle for small hands?

The M6-SPR comes with a military style grip that has a single finger notch below the trigger guard. For most, this will likely not be a problem, but I have smaller hands. When I get a good, high firing grip on the rifle, my middle finger rests squarely over the nub of the finger notch, which is not that comfortable.