What does Pycnogenol do for your face?

Pine bark extract or the branded name, Pycnogenol®, provides many benefits to the skin, including reducing the visible signs of aging. Not only does it enhance the skin’s ability to produce more hyaluronic acid to help maintain hydration, but more importantly, it also helps with collagen production.

What does Pycnogenol increase?

Study Shows Daily Use Of Pycnogenol® Can Improve Memory, Focus, Decision-Making And Mood. Natural pine bark extract found to help boost overall cognitive performance including attention span and coping with stress in healthy professionals.

Is Pycnogenol better than vitamin C?

Studies in vitro show that Pycnogenol is several times more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C. In addition, it recycles vitamin C, regenerates vitamin E and increases the endogenous antioxidant enzyme system.

Can you mix vitamin C and Pycnogenol?

Both antioxidants are powerful and potent in their own rights, however, they differ in their mechanism of function. You can use Vitamin C with Pycnogenol 5%.

What does Pycnogenol do to your body?

Pycnogenol may have benefits for heart and artery health. It seems to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the legs. Some small studies suggest it may also protect against coronary artery disease and blood clots. There’s good evidence that pycnogenol helps with eye damage caused by diabetes.

Does Pycnogenol increase collagen?

This corroborates with previous research that has shown Pycnogenol®’s unique ability to promote collagen and hyaluronic acid production within the skin. Indeed, in a clinical study Pycnogenol® revealed increased hyaluronic acid synthase levels by 44%.

Can you use vitamin C and Pycnogenol together?

You can use Vitamin C with Pycnogenol 5%.

When should I take pycnogenol?

WHEN & HOW I USE IT: It can be applied alone or after water-based serums before oils or heavier creams. I also like to mix 2-3 drops of The Ordinary Pycnogenol with my moisturizer and use it on my face and neck. Use once or twice a day.