What does Shemaroo entertainment do?

Shemaroo Entertainment Limited is a leading Indian content power house with a global reach, which has been playing a pioneering role in the arena of content ownership, aggregation and distribution.

Who is owner of Shemaroo?

You can view name of Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management Team, Board of Directors and Key Executives of Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd….PREMARKET.

Hiren Gada CEO & CFO
Jai Maroo Executive Director
Kirit Gala Independent Director
Raman Maroo Managing Director

How do I contact Shemaroo?


  1. Mumbai. SHEMAROO ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED. Shemaroo House, Plot No. Marol Co – Op.
  2. Delhi. Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, 221, 1st Floor, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, Inside Modi Mill Complex, New Delhi – 110020.
  3. New Jersey. Shemaroo Media & Entertainment, LLC. C/o Mission50 Coworking, 50 Harrison Street, PH 401,

How do I cancel my Shemaroo subscription?

How can I cancel my plan? You can choose to stop your subscription anytime. If you have bought your plan on android and web, you can follow this process: Click on ‘Me’ and enter ‘View Plans’. Select the option ‘View/Modify Plans’ to cancel the plan.

How can I watch a shemaroo for free?

Redeem your Flipkart Supercoins to start your free subscription today. You can choose from 1-month, 6-month, or yearly premium plans of Shemaroo. For 1 month subscription, you need 30 Supercoins. While 6-month subscription costs 150 supercoins.

What is the meaning of shemaroo?

Early years. Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. was founded on 29 October 1962 as a book circulating library by the Maroo brothers (Buddhichand, Atul and Raman) in collaboration with Gangajibhai Shethias. The name of the company is an acronym of the founders’ surnames.

How do I watch shemaroo TV online?

Catch your TV shows, movies etc on Shemaroo TV live and watch the Shemaroo channel online on MX Player. Along with these, you can also stream various shows that are streamed on different channels ranging from Pogo to Starplus.

Is ShemarooMe free?

The yearly plan costs Rs. 749. And you 3-month access to ShemarooMe premium at Rs. 349.

Where can I watch shemaroo TV?

How do I watch shemaroo on Jio fiber?

JioFiber users will now have access to ShemarooMe’s vast content library, including its premium content such as Bollywood Premiere, ShemarooMe Classics Filmy Gaane, Regional and much more through the Jio Set Top Box. The entire content catalogue will be integrated within the JioTV+ app.

How do I subscribe to shemaroo me?

Log on to shemaroome.com or from your Android/iOS mobile app to redeem the voucher. Select the subscription plan and add it to your cart. Enter the code at the time of checkout.

Does Eros now need subscription?

Currently we offer the following subscription options: Eros Now Basic – free subscription – access to limited titles and features. Eros Now Plus – paid subscription – access to all movies with limited features – monthly / annual – only available in India.