What funeral home was used in Six Feet Under?

So much of the incredible HBO series Six Feet Under took place at the Fisher’s house, an address that they shared with their family business, the L.A.-based Fisher & Sons Funeral Home (5 stars on Yelp!).

Where is the Fisher House from six feet under?

West Adams
2302 West 25th St. But there it stands in West Adams; The Auguste Marquis Residence, setting for the Fisher-Diaz Funeral Home in HBO’s Six Feet Under, which allegedly took place in North Hollywood.

Who owns the Six Feet Under house?

the Filipino Federation of America
Yet it had a dignity and enduring quality.” The three-story Queen Anne-style Victorian structure, with a two-story coach house in back, was built in 1904 as a residence. Now owned by the Filipino Federation of America, it was declared a historic cultural landmark by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission in 1994.

What cemetery was Six Feet Under filmed?

Six Feet Under was filmed in Van Nuys, Gramercy Park, and Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Auguste R. Marquis Residence was used for the Fisher house exterior….Six Feet Under Locations Table.

Location Name Latitude Longitude
Auguste R. Marquis Residence 34.033489 -118.317970
Gas Works Park 47.645607 -122.334763

Is Six Feet Under coming back?

But for fans of HBO’s iconic series Six Feet Under who have been hopeful that series would get new life, that series is one that isn’t coming back in any capacity. According to HBO boss Casey Bloys, a revival of Six Feet Under just isn’t in the works.

What city does Six Feet Under take place in?

Los Angeles
It depicts the lives of the Fisher family, who run a funeral home in Los Angeles, along with their friends and lovers. The ensemble drama stars Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Freddy Rodriguez, Mathew St. Patrick, and Rachel Griffiths as the central characters.