What happened between Nelly and Kelly Rowland?

Camps for Nelly and Rowland have always denied those rumors and at one point the songbird stated they were very close but there was nothing and has ever been anything romantic between them. “Nelly and I are not dating. He actually has been a friend of Destiny’s Child for years.

Are Nelly and Kelly Rowland related?

Hip-hop star Nelly says that his frequent collaborator Kelly Rowland is like a sister to him. Nelly has said that he considers his ‘Gone’ collaborator Kelly Rowland to be like a sister to him.

Where was Nelly Dilemma filmed?

The film set was located on Colonial Street, which was one of the backlot street sets at Universal Studios Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County, California.

Did Nelly and Kelly Rowland record a sequel to’dilemma’?

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What is the story behind the Nelly and Kelly Rowland video?

The video premiered at the end of MTV ‘s Making the Video episode aired in September 2002. Rowland described the plot, stating that she was “the new girl in the neighborhood” who became infatuated with Nelly living across the street despite Rowland having a partner and children, which resulted in a “dilemma”.

Did Nelly finally answer the dilemma question we’ve been dying to know?

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Does Nelly have a new duet with Kelly Rowland?

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