What happened to Jonny Brownlee?

Jonny Brownlee confirms Tokyo will be his last Olympics and he will move on to ‘new challenges’ after winning his first gold in the mixed triathlon relay event to complete his medal set. Jonny Brownlee has confirmed he will move on to new challenges after winning a gold medal at his last Olympic Games.

What happened to Katie zaferes dad?

On Tuesday, Zaferes, 32, won bronze in the women’s individual event with a time of 1:57:03, the third medal for the U.S. in that event in Olympic history. It was a victory to savor though it was tinged with grief: In April, Zaferes’ father, Bill, died suddenly while was out running errands.

Where is Katie zaferes?

Cary, North Carolina
Zaferes is married to fellow elite triathlete and World Triathlon photographer Tommy Zaferes. The couple once lived in a 370-square-foot home that was featured on the TV show “Tiny House Nation”. She and Tommy currently live in Cary, North Carolina, when not traveling on the international race circuit.

Who won the Olympic triathlon in 2016?

Alistair Brownlee
The men’s triathlon at the 2016 Summer Olympics took place at Fort Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro on 18 August. A total of 55 men from 31 nations competed in the race. Alistair Brownlee from Great Britain became the first man to defend his Olympic triathlon title after his previous win at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Do the Brownlee brothers live together?

‘We’ve got a bit busier as well. But we do endurance sport, and you can’t cut corners with that, so it’s still about 35 hours a week of training that we put in. ‘ One major difference is that the pair have stopped living together in Bramhope, and Jonny in particular is enjoying the independence.

What nationality is Katie Zaferes?

AmericanKatie Zaferes / Nationality

Who is Tommy Zaferes?

Olympic Trials butterflyer turned Triathlete, turned ITU photographer and social media contractor. Married to Katie Zaferes.

Was Katie zaferes a man?

Katie Zaferes (née Hursey) is an American professional triathlete from Hampstead, Maryland. She earned a silver and bronze medal for the United States in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic triathlon held in 2021. She is also the 2019 ITU World Triathlon Series women’s champion….Katie Zaferes.

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What nationality is Katie zaferes?

Who holds the Olympic record for triathlon?


Results: Elite Men
1. Simon Whitfield 01:48:24
2. Stefan Vuckovic 01:48:37
3. Jan Rehula 01:48:45
4. Dmitriy Gaag 01:49:03