What happens to you if you have bibliophobia?

If you experience bibliophobia, you may have difficulty when forced or encouraged to read. You may fear the stories themselves. Or, even the simple act of reading, holding a book, or being in a library may cause anxious behavior associated with your phobia.

How do you use bibliophobia in a sentence?

There are some who believe that bibliophobia may be caused by lack of bookish experience during childhood. David and l were by then known to be writers, and this public display of bibliophobia required a certain amount of explanation.

How do you treat bibliophobia?

What are the treatments for bibliophobia?

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT is structured psychotherapy that can help you understand and control thoughts and perceptions.
  2. Exposure therapy: Exposure therapy, sometimes called desensitization, helps you confront your fears gradually.

What is the meaning of bibliophobia?

strong dislike of books
Definition of bibliophobia : strong dislike of books.

What is the root of bibliophobia?

The thought of reading a book puts some people into a panic. This condition is bibliophobia. The root of the word is ‘biblion’ or ‘biblio,’ which is Greek for book. ‘Phobia’ is Greek for fear. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), phobias are types of anxiety disorders.

What is chromophobia the fear of?

Chromophobia is an intense fear of colors. Most people with this disorder have an extreme aversion to one or two colors in particular — or they may only fear bright colors. People with chromophobia have severe anxiety or panic attacks when they see a color they’re afraid of.

Is bibliophobia real?

Bibliophobia is specific to books and no other forms of media, such as computers or tablets. Simple phobias are the most common type of phobia. The APA estimates that up to 9% of the population has a simple phobia. Bibliophobia causes an excessive and overwhelming fear of books.

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Who is afraid of books?

Bibliophobia causes an excessive and overwhelming fear of books. Just thinking about reading a book can trigger the anxiety in some people. People with bibliophobia recognize this fear is not reasonable, but they can’t help it.