What highway is the longest yard sale on?

Highway 127
To be exact, it’s 690 miles long and the route travels through 6 states; Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. The majority of the route follows Highway 127 from Addison, MI in the north to Chattanooga, TN in the south.

Where is the longest garage sale?

The 127 Yard Sale is an annual event that takes place the first Thursday-Sunday in August each year. It’s literally, The World’s Longest Yard Sale! The route spans 6 states (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama) and is 690 miles long.

Where does the 127 Yard Sale start in Tennessee?

Across from Vegas Steakhouse & Lounge (Crossville, TN) Selling starts on Monday the week of the 127 Yard Sale.

Where does the 127 Yard Sale start in Kentucky?

Covington, Kentucky
The US 127 Corridor Yard Sale started in 1987. It begins at Covington, Kentucky, and runs South through Harrodsburg to Chattanooga, TN, then switches to the Lookout Mountain Parkway, continuing to Gadsden, AL – for a total of 690 miles!

Where does the 127 Yard Sale start in Georgia?

Start at the intersection of Noccalula Rd. and Body St., the southern end of the 127 Yard Sale.

Where is the 100 mile yard sale in PA?

Mark your calendar, and start planning your personal shopping route for the 24th Annual Quehanna Industrial Development Corporation’s 100-Mile Yard Sale. The epic two-day event is slated for July 16-17, 2021 and spans from Shawville to Medix Run and from Weedville to Sinnemahoning.

What’s the longest flea market in the United States?

Every flea market enthusiast should attend the 127 Corridor Sale at least once in a lifetime. Also known as 127 Yard Sale, this iconic event is the world’s longest yard sale, running for 690 miles along Highway 127 on a North-South axis across the United States.

What states does 127 go through?

U.S. Route 127
Country United States
States Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan
Highway system

Where does the 127 yard sale start in Georgia?

Where does the Longest Yard Sale start in Georgia?

Starting in Unadilla, Georgia and ending in Quitman if traveling north to south, the towns participating in between include Pinehurst, Vienna, Cordele, Sylvester, Moultrie, and Berlin. With miles upon miles of deals and bargains, this is one of the best annual sales events in the entire state.