What is a dream duffel?

The original rolling duffel with a built-in garment rack! The Dream Duffel features an easy travel design, tons of storage, and a one-touching telescoping garment rack (amongst other exciting features)!

What is a duffel bag good for?

A rugged, versatile bag to hold your gear It’s tough, water-resistant, and great for toting clothes and equipment in almost any travel or outdoor scenario.

How do you replace a dream duffel handle?

  1. Locate screws on back of handle.
  2. Lay duffel on it’s back or side and pull handle out half-way (or black bars if handle is already off).
  3. Remove screws and pull handle straight off.
  4. Locate hole inside each side of your handle.
  5. Hold handle steady and extend silver rod toward the handle and insert into hole.

What is the difference between duffle and duffel?

Duffle is an English corruption of the original word and although both spellings are still in use, duffel has been the preferred spelling since the Second World War.

Can you travel with a duffel bag?

Yes, duffel bags are allowed as checked luggage. As long as the bag fits the 62 linear inches required, you can use a duffel bag instead of a suitcase as checked luggage. While suitcases are a more popular choice for checked luggage, airlines don’t specifically require that your bag has to have wheels on them.

How much does a dream duffel weigh?

Personalization Instructions Weight (Empty): 17 lbs. Black Dream Duffel Features: One-Touch Telescoping Garment Rack (Rack Height 52″)

How many costumes can you fit in a dance duffel?

Easily fitting 6-9 costumes and other accessories with plenty of internal and external storage pockets. Featuring a one-touch telescoping garment rack and sturdy wheel design, this dance duffel is easy to transport to and from events.

Do You Love Your Dream duffel products?

I absolutely love all of my dream duffel products!! Because I dance out of state I travel A LOT, my dream duffel products help me keep everything neat and organized on the go! I love this company and I highly recommend giving their products a try!! Shylee loves her Dream Duffel products! Her favorite is her back pack.

What is shylee’s favorite duffel product?

Shylee loves her Dream Duffel products! Her favorite is her back pack. She takes it on all traveling events. She also loves her personalized garment bag! But there isn’t a product she doesn’t love!

What are the dimensions of a dream duffel?

Product Details. Black Dream Duffel® – Medium. Duffel Dimensions: 26″ x 16″ x 17″. Overall Dimensions: 30″ x 20″ x 19″ (includes pockets, wheels, and trolley handle)