What is a GeoAccess report?

A GeoAccess report allows an employer to see if their employees have good access to the network of providers. The report takes the zip codes of where the employees live and measures how far they will have to drive to get to a hospital or a physician that’s in the network.

Who GeoNetwork?

The World Health Organization GeoNetwork is a geographic information management system that contains geo-referenced data sets and maps to facilitate the planning and monitoring of health related activities and health conditions.

How do I start GeoNetwork?

From your GeoNetwork folder location, open the bin folder and double-click start. bat (on windows) or startup.sh (on linux). This initiates a web service for GeoNetwork, which you can use to view the catalog. Tip: If you are using the command line, you can view the log messages directly in the console.

What is FAO GeoNetwork?

The FAO GeoNetwork provides Internet access to interactive maps, satellite imagery and related spatial databases maintained by FAO and its partners. It’s purpose is to improve access to and integrated use of spatial data and information.

What is geo access mapping used for?

What is geo access mapping used for? GeoAccess, Inc. GeoAccess developed software applications which allowed the accessibility of health care networks to be accurately measured based on the geographic coordinates of health care provider locations.

What is a disruption analysis in healthcare?

Disruption Analysis allows health plans to quickly respond to requests for proposals from benefits consultants and employers — without hiring more staff or expending more resources.

How do I install GeoNetwork on Windows?

On Windows

  1. Double click on geonetwork-install-2.4.
  2. Follow the instructions on screen (Figure 6.2, “Installer”).
  3. After completion of the installation process, a ‘GeoNetwork desktop’ menu will be added to your Windows Start menu under ‘Programs’

How do I create a map address?

Search for places

  1. On your computer, sign in to My Maps.
  2. Open or create a map.
  3. In the search bar, type the name or address of a place.
  4. Click one of the results on the map.
  5. If the result is what you want, click Add to map.

What is a disruption report?

The disruption report is a list of the most utilized providers (sent by the broker and the employer group), which the carrier cross references with their networks to determine how many employees will have their care disrupted by changing networks.

What is provider disruption?

Disruption Analysis effectively cleans and standardizes data from different sources into a consistent format to facilitate accurate matching and analysis. Provider matching. Disruption Analysis uses proprietary methodologies to determine health care provider matches between different networks. Provider recruitment.