What is a good shrub for front of house?

Best Shrubs To Plant In Front Of The House

  1. Boxwood. One of the most common foundation shrubs is the boxwood because it’s easy to shape with some hedge trimmers.
  2. Roses. This classic bush comes in a bunch of different shapes and sizes.
  3. Hydrangea.
  4. 4. Japanese Maple.
  5. Juniper.
  6. Dogwood.
  7. Elderberry.
  8. Dwarf Lilac.

What is a low maintenance shrub?

A deciduous shrub that is native to the Southeastern United States, the oakleaf hydrangea is one of the most easy-care, low maintenance shrubs available to gardeners. It has large, cone-shaped clusters of white flowers in early summer that eventually fade to pink. The height is 6 to 8 feet with an equal spread.

Are there any shrubs that bloom all summer?

Butterfly bush have one of the longest bloom times of all garden plants: they seem to never be without flowers from early summer through autumn. This makes them perhaps better called “continuous bloomers” over rebloomers, since they don’t really take a break like other plants on this list do.

What shrubs are Colourful all year-round?

Best shrubs that flower all season, including spring and summer

  • Abelia. Abelias are smothered in clusters of sometimes scented white or pink trumpet-shaped flowers, which bloom throughout summer and on into autumn.
  • Weigela.
  • California lilac.
  • Pieris.
  • Rhododendron.
  • Dogwood.
  • Smoke bush.
  • Hydrangea.

What is a good flowering shrub for in front of the house?

The Best Landscaping Plants for The Front of Your House!

  • Winter Gem Boxwood. Boxwood is one of the common types of low-growing shrubs for the front of the house.
  • Japanese Boxwood.
  • Anglo-Japanese Yew.
  • Cavatine Dwarf Japanese Pieris.
  • Rhododendron.
  • Inkberry.
  • Emerald N Gold Wintercreeper.
  • Bird’s Nest Norway Spruce.

What are the lowest maintenance shrubs?

The Spirea shrub is the lowest-maintenance plant on this list. It doesn’t require deadheading, is not prone to insect infestations or diseases, and requires very little water, and can survive heat and full-sun. Most shrubs on this list are hardy against disease and insects.

Are there any shrubs that grow in Zone 4?

Continue reading to learn about bushes that grow in zone 4. Growing shrubs in zone 4 is not much different than growing shrubs in any zone. Cold hardy shrubs will benefit from an extra heap of mulch around the root zone in late fall for insulation in winter.

What are the best low maintenance perennials for your garden?

There are a number of different cultivars to consider – D. odora and D. bholua are just two interesting options to consider for your low-maintenance garden. Of course, there are many, many more great low maintenance perennial bushes and shrubs to consider.

What are the best low maintenance ground cover plants?

The Crimson Kisses Weigela is a fantastic choice for folks who need low maintenance ground cover plants, and it does a good a job as a foundation planting, too. The Crimson Kiss has extraordinary flowers of stunning white blooms with red centers, and its re-blooming nature means you’ll see those blossoms all season long.