What is a performance based code?

Performance-based (also known as outcome-based) codes set standards based upon buildings’ actual energy use, rather than on compliance with stipulated technology or design features.

What is the difference between a prescriptive code and a performance based code what is the potential advantage of a performance based code?

A prescriptive code requires that each component is built to a certain standard, e.g. Wall R-value at least 20. A performance code requires that the building as a whole performs to a certain standard, e.g. uses less energy than the same building built to prescriptive code.

How do building practitioners comply with the BCA performance requirements?

There are three methods to achieve compliance with the Performance Requirements: complying with the ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ Provisions (or the prescriptive approach detailed within each part of the BCA); formulating a Performance (Alternative) Solution (i.e. adopting a ‘performance-based approach’); or.

What is the BCA hierarchy of performance?

The BCA is split into four levels: objectives, functional statements, perform- ance requirements and building solutions that set out the means of achieving compliance with the performance requirements (ABCB, 2002). The hierarchy of the BCA is shown in Figure 4.

Is IBC prescriptive or performance?

IBC is similar in that regard because it also has both types of provisions. Both codes are written in a manner that is enforceable by the local AHJ, and both can be seen to have two means (performance or prescriptive) to achieve the intended goals: energy efficiency or structurally safe.

What is performance-based design approach?

Performance-based design (PBD) is a goal-oriented design approach that specifically addresses performance-related criteria, such as energy use, operating cost, occupant comfort, daylighting, and HVAC size and cost, among others.

Can I do my own REScheck?

The simple answer is, yes. You can complete a REScheck yourself. I will discuss some ways to help you through the process of using the REScheck web program in case you decide to create your own REScheck energy report for your project. To start a REScheck report you need to begin with your set of plans.

How much is a REScheck?

Your REScheck pricing options for residential reports Your cost may be as low as $50.00 for a REScheck report. Consultation is FREE.) *Homes larger than 4,500 square feet may be slightly higher. Homes with unusual design features may be higher.