What is a sentence for basin?

Water dripped into a basin at the back of the room. A basin of something such as water is an amount of it that is contained in a basin. We were given a basin of water to wash our hands in. A basin is a sink.

How would you describe a basin?

A basin is a depression, or dip, in the Earth’s surface. Basins are shaped like bowls, with sides higher than the bottom. They can be oval or circular in shape, similar to a sink or tub you might have in your own bathroom. Some are filled with water.

What is a sentence for drainage basin?

The river is long and has a drainage basin of 747 sqmi. For each lake, the culminating point of the drainage basin is indicated, along with the river basin of which it is part. The area of its drainage basin is 2,227 km.

What is basin water?

A river basin sends all the water that falls within it to a central river, and from there to the ocean. A river basin drains all of the land around a major river. Basins are divided into watersheds, or land areas that surround a small, river or lake.

What is basin area of river?

A river basin is the part of land through which a main river and all its tributaries flows. It is the basic hydrological unit for planning and development of water resources of a country.

What is drainage basin?

A drainage basin is an area of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water such as a river, lake, wetland or ocean. The drainage basin includes both the streams and rivers that convey the water as well as the land surface from which water drains into those channels.

What is a sentence for water cycle?

The water cycle is the circulation of water from the land to the air and back again. Precipitation is the most obvious stage of the water cycle for most children. Hydropower relies on the planet’s water cycle to produce electricity.

How do I use basin in a sentence?

basin Sentence Examples. The western Mediterranean is cut off by a bank crossing the narrow strait between Sicily and Cape Bon, usually known as the Adventure Bank, on which the depth is nowhere 200 fathoms. She ignored his question and turned away, moving to a small basin of water. Click to see full answer

How to use River basin in a sentence?

Lakes are dependent on the inflow of water from its drainage basin.

  • The ants are native to the drainage basin of the Paraguay River.
  • Most of them make up the drainage basin of Lesser Lule River.
  • The Ket River has a length of and a drainage basin of.
  • The chart is arranged by tributary and area of the drainage basin.
  • How do you use River basin in a sentence?

    Sentence Examples. This is a very large catchment with a high rainfall and large swamps within the river basin. Over the years, human settlement along the river basin has increased as the population has expanded. This is only one river basin, and the salmon are pinks, which, being low-fat and lacking that salmony taste, mostly get smoked

    What is a sentence using ocean basin?

    ocean basin. Sentence Examples. In the northern hemisphere the polar region is an ocean basin which is almost completely enclosed by surrounding major land masses. The Arctic is an ocean basin with peripheral continents, whereas the Antarctic is continental.