What is a sentence for embarrassment?

She couldn’t hide her embarrassment. The scandal was a major embarrassment for the government. He’s an embarrassment to his family.

How do you use embarrassing in a sentence?

Embarrassing sentence example

  1. This is embarrassing , but I really need the money for groceries.
  2. I suppose it’s getting a little embarrassing now.
  3. It was embarrassing to think she had let it go on this long without realizing he was troubled by it.
  4. Not only embarrassing , but hurtful.

What is the use of embarrassment?

Embarrassment is a painful but important emotional state. Most researchers believe that the purpose of embarrassment is to make people feel badly about their social or personal mistakes as a form of internal (or societal) feedback, so that they learn not to repeat the error.

How do you write embarrass?

Embarrass: Its Spelling and Use Don’t be embarrassed. Instead, remember that the word embarrass got those embarrassing r’s and s’s from the French: English embarrass comes from the French word embarrasser.

How do you explain embarrassment to a child?

How to Teach Your Kid to Deal with an Embarrassment

  1. Treat the situation with the same seriousness. If your child is embarrassed because of something that happened at school, don’t laugh it off.
  2. Talk about it. Your child already feels embarrassed.
  3. It could happen to anyone.
  4. Model the behavior.

What is feeling embarrassed?

Embarrassment is the uncomfortable feeling you get when you’ve done something which you think will make you look bad. We can help you find a way to deal with these situations.

Is embarrassment a feeling?

Embarrassment is what’s known as a self-conscious emotion. While basic emotions such as anger, surprise or fear tend to happen automatically, without much cognitive processing, the self-conscious emotions, including shame, guilt and pride, are more complex.

Why do you feel embarrassment?

The feelings of embarrassment stem from two baser emotions, guilt and shame, as well as feelings of being hurt, angry, or scared. The sentiment behind expressing the emotions behind embarrassment is taking accountability for doing a bad thing, or messing up, or saying something off-color.

How do you say you are embarrassed?

Making you feel ashamed or embarrassed – thesaurus

  1. embarrassing. adjective. making you feel nervous, ashamed, or stupid.
  2. humiliating. adjective. making you feel very embarrassed and ashamed.
  3. painful. adjective.
  4. awkward. adjective.
  5. unfortunate. adjective.
  6. embarrassed. adjective.
  7. shameful. adjective.
  8. undignified. adjective.

How do you put embarrass in a sentence?

www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for “embarrass” It’s really embarrassing trying to speak Spanish because my accent is so poorI was really embarrassed the first time I tried to kiss a girl.

How can you use the embarrassment in a sentence?

This episode is bound to be a deep embarrassment for Washington.

  • Her face was flushed with embarrassment.
  • Anger is often caused by frustration or embarrassment,or a mixture of the two.
  • The report has caused acute embarrassment to the government.
  • She went bright pink with embarrassment.
  • How to use embarrassment in a sentence?

    I was rather embarrassed about it.

  • There was an embarrassed pause.
  • He was the least embarrassed of the two.
  • Boyce shrugged with an embarrassed grin.
  • Stephen asked with a slightly embarrassed air.
  • He looked modest and embarrassed at all this praise.
  • The old lady was too much embarrassed to speak.
  • If his eyes oppressed her,hers half embarrassed him.
  • What is a good sentence for embarrassment?

    Embarrassing in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb…) (1) The profuseness of his thanks was embarrassing. (2) She always dredges up that embarrassing story. (3) It was so embarrassing having to sing in public. (4) She asked a lot of embarrassing questions . (5) That was an embarrassing situation for me.