What is a slow pitch jigging rod used for?

On most rods, the foregrip aids in pumping the rod to put heat on the fish, but the action of a slow-pitch rod is designed to work the jig, not fight the fish. The rod, more so than the angler, imparts the action to the jig, which makes slow-pitch jigging far less labor-intensive than speed jigging.

What is a good rod for jigging?

Best Jigging Rods

  1. Shimano Trevela S. The Shimano Trevela S is the most popular vertical jigging rod on the market right now.
  2. Tsunami Trophy Slow Pitch.
  3. Jigging World Nexus Rods.
  4. Okuma Cedros E-Glass Jigging.
  5. Penn Rampage Boat Jigging.

Can you troll with a jigging rod?

The gear used for Jig Trolling is very similar to that used in other jigging techniques. A high-modulus graphite, 6 foot, medium to medium light action spinning rod works just great for this application.

Can jigging rod used for casting?

A jig rod is often (but not always) short and designed to work line classes and lure weights that are relatively heavy. Most (but not all) aren’t really suitable for casting lures.

What is micro jigging?

Micro Jigging is a relatively new lure fishing technique to Australia which has really taken off over the last 12 months. It is a style of fishing which can be extremely effective if anglers get the technique and tackle correct.

What is slow pitch jigging?

Also known as slow jigging, it’s a technique that no fish seems able to resist – Grouper, Amberjack, Tilefish, and even Tuna fall victim to this high-tech way of fishing. It seems almost unbelievable when you see the size of the equipment you’re working with. But looks, as they say, are deceptive – and slow pitch jigs are masters of deception.

What is a slow pitch fishing rod?

These Slow Pitch rods are unusually thin and strong yet very flexible giving you more sensitivity and extreme durability with a super light action rod. The slow pitch jigs mimic a wounded fish trying to swim up and away from the bottom and descending slowly back down as they free fall.

What is the best slow pitch fishing line?

Most slow pitch line is high-end polyethylene braid. Eight-strain is the braid of choice because it’s more rounded and smooth. This lets it flow on and off the reel more easily.

What makes a fishing rod so strong?

The secret to their strength is their parabolic bend. They flex evenly from grip to tip, distributing the weight for extra durability. They’re matched to the jigs themselves and are rated in grams, from 60 g twigs to “heavy” 400 g rods for taking on the biggest and deepest fish out there.