What is an Arcon house?

Essentially, the Arcon was an asbestos cement panel-clad variant of the pressed steel Portal prototype prefabricated house. The Arcon prototype introduced the characteristic “roll-top” (semi-arched) roof. Arcon prototype on display at Tate exhibition in 1944.

Are there any prefabs left in UK?

Seven decades on, the 187 homes of Britain’s largest remaining prefab estate stand strong. But now the local council is set on demolition – so one photographer has given the residents the least their extraordinary homes deserve: a museum.

Did prefabs contain asbestos?

The defendant’s insurers were determined not to admit that the aluminium prefabricated houses, which were so widely used after the Second World War, contained asbestos.

What were prefabs made from?

Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete houses were largely made from concrete panels reinforced with steel then bolted together or constructed with a steel frame. They were quick to assemble and required less skilled labour than traditional build.

Why choose Arcon builders?

We are proud to be a family owned and operated business with a full team of experienced estimators, project managers, construction professionals, and design/finish specialists at our clients’ service. The Arcon Builders team can provide complete solutions for every construction need.

Who is ARCO buildings?

Founded in 1979, Arco Buildings started out as a small storefront business in Tucker, Georgia. The company saw a high demand for a metal building company that paid attention to detail and offered personal service. Building off of these principals, Arco experienced growth over the years.

What is the Arcon MKV project?

This was initiated by a meeting in 1974 between Taylor Woodrow, Department of the Environment, the Imperial War Museum and three other museums including Avoncroft, Beamish and the Museum of London to preserve and exhibit an example of an Arcon MkV.

How can Arco help you assemble your metal building?

After the metal building kit is delivered, it is up to you to decide if you would like to assemble it on your own, or Arco can aid in matching you with a steel erector in your area to assemble your building for you in: No matter the job or the purpose, Arco has a building for you.