What is autoSizeColumn?

autoSizeColumn(int column) Adjusts the column width to fit the contents. void. autoSizeColumn(int column, boolean useMergedCells) Adjusts the column width to fit the contents.

How do you autosize a column in SXSSFWorkbook?

Call trackAllColumnsForAutoSizing() on the SXSSFSheet object before calling autoSizeColumn(columnIndex) and it will be fixed. NOTE: As per documentation, track required columns before writing one or more rows to the sheet.

What is SXSSFWorkbook?

SXSSFWorkbook(XSSFWorkbook workbook, int rowAccessWindowSize) Constructs an workbook from an existing workbook. SXSSFWorkbook(XSSFWorkbook workbook, int rowAccessWindowSize, boolean compressTmpFiles) Constructs an workbook from an existing workbook.

What is getPhysicalNumberOfRows?

Following is explanation from POI official documentation. Sheet.getPhysicalNumberOfRows() Returns the number of physically defined rows (NOT the number of rows in the sheet) This method will ignore empty rows, e.g. if a sheet last row is at row 7, but second row is empty, getPhysicalNumberOfRows() will return 6.

What is rowAccessWindowSize?

The rowAccessWindowSize sets the count of rows that kept in memory before they will flushed into the temporary files. All rows that are written already to the temporary sheet file cannot be accessed anymore later because they are not more in memory but only in the temporary file.

How do I merge cells in Excel using Apache POI?

sheet = // existing Sheet setup int firstRow = 0; int lastRow = 0; int firstCol = 0; int lastCol = 2 sheet. addMergedRegion(new CellRangeAddress(firstRow, lastRow, firstCol, lastCol)); We can also use a cell range reference string to provide the merged region: sheet = // existing Sheet setup sheet.

How does Apache POI read data from Excel?

Reading an excel file using POI is also very simple if we divide this into steps.

  1. Create workbook instance from excel sheet.
  2. Get to the desired sheet.
  3. Increment row number.
  4. iterate over all cells in a row.
  5. repeat step 3 and 4 until all data is read.

How do I write in Apache POI in Excel?

1. Apache POI API Basics for Writing Excel Files

  1. Create a Workbook.
  2. Create a Sheet.
  3. Repeat the following steps until all data is processed: Create a Row. Create Cellsin a Row. Apply formatting using CellStyle.
  4. Write to an OutputStream.
  5. Close the output stream.

What is HSSF and XSSF when do you use them WRT xlsx and Xlx?

HSSF (Horrible Spreadsheet Format) − It is used to read and write xls format of MS-Excel files. XSSF (XML Spreadsheet Format) − It is used for xlsx file format of MS-Excel.

What is POI ooxml?

Apache POI provides Java API for manipulating various file formats based on the Office Open XML (OOXML) standard and OLE2 standard from Microsoft. Apache POI releases are available under the Apache License (V2. 0).