What is corn silage?

Corn silage is a high-quality forage crop that is used on many dairy farms and on some beef cattle farms in Tennessee. Its popularity is due to the high yield of a very digestible, high-energy crop, and the ease of adapting it to mechanized harvesting and feeding.

How much silage does an acre of corn produce?

silage per acre can be expected for each 6 to 7 bushels of grain per acre. For example, if expected grain yield is 125 bushels per acre, corn silage yields will be about 18 to 20 tons per acre of 30% dry matter silage (5 to 6 tons per acre dry matter yield).

What is corn silage made from?

The fermentation and storage process is called ensilage, ensiling or silaging. Silage is usually made from grass crops, including maize, sorghum or other cereals, using the entire green plant (not just the grain).

How good is corn silage?

Corn silage is an excellent dry cow forage as it is palatable and can be limit fed or mixed with lower energy forages. However, the amount of corn silage fed to dry cows and heifers must be restricted due to its high energy content.

What do farmers do with silage?

Silage is another method of baling which is often reserved for sheep and cattle feed. The bales are constructed into tier square or round shapes and are compacted and stored in airtight conditions, with no previous drying process beforehand.

Why is corn silage good?

Corn silage serves as a high-energy forage for dairy cows. This is most important for high-producing herds and on farms experiencing problems with making or buying high quality hay crop forage. Corn silage, with its relatively high energy content, is also well adapted for use in low-cost rations for fattening cattle.

What is corn silage worth?

What is a reasonable corn silage price?

Table 3: Value of standing corn silage based on expected yield of corn grain.
Low Yield High Yield
Expected corn price $3.25/acre $3.25/acre
Value of standing silage ($/ton) 8 x $3.25 = $26.00 10 x $3.25 = $32.50
Yield of corn silage 10 tons/acre 30 tons/acre

How much corn silage does a cow eat per day?

Cattle will commonly consume corn silage at a rate of 5 to 7 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight. A 500-pound feeder calf may consume 25 to 35 pounds of corn silage as-fed daily.

Can humans eat corn silage?

High levels of nitrates in corn silage can be toxic to animals and humans. Cattle working their way through another section of grazing corn. Corn silage with high levels of nitrates can be toxic to animals and humans.

How long will corn silage last?

Many dairies keep up to six months of silage carryover from the previous crop, allowing the silage to stabilize and the starch digestibility to maximize before feeding.