What is corporate social responsibility of Nike?

Nike’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability program resonates with the company’s core belief that “sports can change the world for the better.” Nike leverages the unifying power of sports to promote its CSR agenda in three key areas: diversity and inclusion, community investment, and environmental …

Is Nike a socially responsible company?

BEAVERTON, OR (9 November, 2006) – Nike’s commitment to industry-leading transparency in its social responsibility reporting has led to the company being named the top U.S. company and one of the world’s top 10 in the current SustainAbility Global Reporters Program ranking released today.

Does Nike publish a corporate social responsibility or sustainability report?

The report includes a series of detailed reports of Nike’s efforts at developing environmental sustainability; its efforts toward understanding and managing global labor compliance; its commitment to diversity and the company’s involvement in local communities.

What is Nike doing to meet its economic responsibility?

In order to meet its economic responsibility, Nike is using “Colour Dry” technology and also launching the “Reuse- a -shoe” campaign. Colour Dry technology is the process in which colour is infused to the fabrics of products using C02 instead of water.

How is Nike socially irresponsible?

Our research highlights allegations of forced labour in the Nike supply chain, gender discrimination towards female athletes and parents, and failure to ensure all employees receive a living wage.

What are Nike’s social responsibility initiatives?

Improving the supply chain: Focus on water In addition to continuing to work on improving conditions for workers, Nike is innovating its materials development and management to address the impact of climate change on the supply chain and reduce its environmental impact. One area of concentration is water conservation.

What is Nike’s corporate culture?

Nike’s organizational culture is centered on creativity and innovation to provide products that suit current consumer preferences. The company is known for cutting-edge sports shoes, apparel and equipment.

What is Nike’s code of ethics?

NIKE’s good name and reputation result in large part from our collective actions. That means the work-related activities of every employee must reflect standards of honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, fairness, concern for others and accountability.

What 4 main standards does Nike want its corporate culture to be founded on what did the handshake mean between Bill and Phil )?

The culture of the company they founded can be seen in that handshake: Trust. Honesty. Shared excitement. Commitment.

How does Nike supplier code of conduct helps the organization operate as a socially responsible organization?

The Nike Code of Conduct lays out the minimum required standards we expect each supplier factory or facility to meet. We expect all our suppliers to share our commitment to the welfare of workers and to using resources responsibly and efficiently.

What are the social responsibilities of Nike?

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What makes a good corporate responsibility report?

– Improved relationships and reputation with key stakeholders, particularly employees, customers and the general public – Sustainability performance improvements through use of better quality data, increased transparency on key issues and improvements in business strategy – Risk mitigation associated with shareholder inquiries and supply chain management

What is Nike’s social responsibility?

We are currently using 100% renewable energy in the United States and Canada in our owned or operated facilities.

  • Our textile dyeing and finishing suppliers reduced freshwater use by 30%,far exceeding our FY20 target.
  • Our Tier 1 finished goods footwear suppliers diverted 99.9% of our
  • What makes a winning Corporate Responsibility Report?

    Conducting a more thorough materiality assessment

  • Creating better stakeholder engagement processes
  • Improving metrics and data analysis on material sustainability issues
  • More effectively leveraging the report content with stakeholders after publication